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The Oak Madera Dining Table and Black Svelti Dining Chairs

A Dining Table for Every Occasion

We know it’s hard. Why would you eat from a dining table when your sofa is soft and the TV is right there? 

While there’s something to be said for the raw joy of laughing along with your favorite fictional friends while mowing down on a burrito, the lap-dinner plate balancing act can get old quickly — especially when you’ve got guests. 

A catch-all with room for all, the slightly organic, rustic feel of the extendable Madera Dining Table looks right at home surrounded by blogger Bethany Carmichael’s mid-century modern decor.

A dining table relieves guests from the stress of trying to juggle their plate, cutlery, accompanying beverage, and napkin — plus it encourages conversation and that all-important eye contact. From romantic dates to formal dinner parties, every occasion can be made better with the right dining table. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite dining table shapes, styles, and sizes that work best for a variety of hosting needs. 

A small, round Carrara Marble table is adorned by bench seating.

Carla Natalia created the perfect nook in her home with the Mara Cafe Table and simple benches. The plush Lucca Pillow tops off the look.

The best dining tables for every occasion

A third date

While a first date is usually reserved for a public place like a coffee shop or restaurant, by the third date you’re probably ready to show off your cooking skills at home for your new special someone. Although your dining table might be the last thing you’re thinking about when you get ready, it’s a detail that can’t be overlooked. 

Impress your sweetie with your level of sophistication and style by serving up their favorite truffle risotto on a dining table like the Mara or Vena Cafe Table. A Carrara Marble top and solid wood legs show your love interest that you’ve got an eye for design and the finer things in life. These cafe tables are small enough that you might “accidentally” brush their hand when you reach for the salt and pepper, but big enough that you aren’t awkwardly close. This is only a third date, after all. 

A Carrara Marble dining table is set for two, with greenery and fancy place settings.

Table for two? Tina Doodles shows that the Mara Cafe Table is perfect for intimate dinners with that special someone.

A birthday potluck 

You insist you’re “not really a birthday person,” yet wouldn’t be thrilled if your big day passed by without some sort of acknowledgment. Enter: the birthday potluck. 

Simply put, a birthday potluck is a casual get-together where your closest friends bring over their favorite dish and then sit around your dining table to eat it. The beauty of this kind of party is that it’s casual enough that you can uphold your low-maintenance reputation, yet enough of an event that you have an excuse to be the center of attention for a few hours. The perfect crime. 

When it comes to the mechanics of the birthday potluck, it all depends on the type of dining table you and your guests are sitting at. Generously sized, circular tables like the Seno Round Dining Table or Conan Dining Table almost seem like they were made specifically for events like the birthday potluck. The rounded shape facilitates one big group conversation rather than a number of smaller side convos, plus all of the food is easily accessible in the middle. And because there’s no official head of the table for the birthday host, you can maintain your laissez-faire attitude (*slowly removes birthday sash and crown*).  

The Seno is the perfect dining table for casual brunches, lunches, and yes, birthday potlucks.

A formal dinner party

Whether it’s your first time hosting a sit-down dinner party or you’ve got countless multi-course feasts under your belt, getting gussied up and serving a fancy-schmancy meal to guests is always a thrill. 

When it comes to hosting a formal dinner party, an extendable dining table is your best bet. If you’re putting all of that effort into cleaning your house and serving an elevated meal, you want to make sure you’re inviting as many witnesses as possible. An extendable table also gives you room for formal dinner party must-haves such as candles, floral arrangements, and more cutlery than usual. 

An Oscuro Dining Table is adorned by shaker-style dining chairs.

The Oscuro Dining Table mixes rich wood tones with sleek metals for a subtle hint of glam. 

Your choice of extendable dining table depends on your style — and your dinner party approach. If you’re going for a full-on, glamorous dinnertime extravaganza, the Oscuro Dining Table is ready to party. The Oscuro’s natural wood top is situated on a modern steel or brushed brass base that adds instant flair to your soirée. Plus, the Oscuro can slide apart to reveal the hidden leaf. Add the matching chairs and you’re good to go.  

A large oak Kirun Dining Table is set for a large formal dinner party.

The extendable Kirun Dining Table offers mid-century appeal while giving you and your guests plenty of room to enjoy your meal.

If you’re into more of a minimalist and slightly casual dinner party experience, consider the Kirun Dining Table. The Kirun’s mid-century shape is crafted from solid wood and features two removable leaves for maximum versatility. Picture your best pals and their partners around the Kirun as your favorite natural wines and garden-gathered greens adorn the table. 

The right dining table is more than just a piece of furniture. It plays host to your loudest laughs, your favorite meals, and your most special moments. It’s also the place you can go when you’re ready to break your TV dinner routine. With our wide selection of modern pieces, you can find the best dining table for every occasion. 


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