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All Hail the Queen Bed

It feels a bit lazy to say the queen bed is the queen bee of beds. But it is certainly the most popular size. It’s “The Favourite”, one might even say with a wink to Olivia Colman. We have a wealth of stylish queen bed frames to choose from. Read on and we’ll help you select the best one for your space.

A gray queen bed on a white carpet in a modern bedroom.

The upholstered Tessu Bed is both modern and minimal, without sacrificing comfort. Zzzzz.

Bed Size

A queen size bed provides ample space for a solo sleeper to stretch out but also comfortably accommodates a couple. Found in primary bedrooms and guest rooms alike, the standard queen size mattress is 60” x 80”. The frame itself will add a few inches to both length and width, but with a smaller overall footprint, it can fit into most smaller bedrooms.

Mattresses That Match

A standard full size mattress is 53” x 75” which is considerably smaller than a queen. While it would technically work with a queen frame, we suggest a larger mattress for a snug fit that will stay in place. But you don’t want to go too big either, a king mattress will not fit on a queen bed frame or box spring. The optimal choice is to pair a queen bed frame with a queen mattress. 

A white oak queen sized bed, next to an oak nightstand on a white patterned rug.

Take a snooze with the simple pleasures of the Lenia Bed, available in White Oak, Black Ash, or Walnut.

Minimalist Vision

There are a myriad of ways you can create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom. The Lenia White Oak Queen Bed is a great place to start. Its tapered legs and spindles connect with thoughtful joinery to create a striking, unadorned silhouette that brings a muted elegance to any bedroom. 

The Tessu adds a softness to the space with its Clay Taupe upholstery that has a linen-like feel. It’s lightly stuffed, providing perfect padding for your back while you read.

Continue the neutral palette by adorning your sleep sanctuary with creamy linens and decorative pillows. The textured Ivory Bouclé of the Gabriola Pillow adds a cozy sophistication and is conveniently available in a set of two. Just another reason to make your bed in the morning.

Red headboard behind a queen sized bed on a white rug.

Good morning, sunshine. The Almelo Headboard greets you every morning by adding some swanky comfort, along with its helpful twin shelves.

Maximalist Dream

From cottagecore to cluttercore, there’s careful curation involved when it comes to these maximalist trends. It’s not about being messy but rather meticulously selecting objects that bring joy to your bedroom through color and design. 

A bold headboard, like the Almelo, is a wonderful way to add a dash of whimsy without feeling overwhelming. The gorgeous velvet upholstery is foam-backed against the wall in a half-moon, art deco-inspired shape. Plus, you can display your favorite accouterments on the built-in, wooden shelves.

The Kouva headboard offers even more space to surround yourself with curious treasures. Since cord clutter is never a good look, this solid oak frame contains discreet cutouts to stay organized.

Blue pillows on a white queen sized bed.

Arriving in a set of 2, the Lucca Pillows are made from plush velvet and 100% down filling. They’ll be sitting pretty on your sofa or bed for extra comfiness.

Both headboards pair beautifully with the clean lines of the Basi Bed Frame. It’s a charmingly simple and modern design, thanks to solid wood legs and a high quality oak veneer frame. 

Sprinkle even more color in your bedroom with a pair of plush velvet Lucca Pillows. Available in a stunning spectrum of shades including Grass Green and Blush Pink, these pillows do double duty, adding both color and texture.

A bench at the end of your bed will instantly add a touch of sophistication to your room. It’s also a way to keep clothes from falling on the floor. The Ansa Bench in Persimmon Orange is a delightful choice to brighten things up.

An orange bench in front of a queen sized bed.

What makes a bedroom great? We’ve got the Ansa. The Ansa Bench brings velvet seating and a sturdy wooden frame for some convenience to your bedroom.

Multi-Purpose Retreat

We already mentioned that a queen bed is the practical choice as it can fit in most bedroom sizes. But its smaller size also allows you to do more with your space. 

Multi-functional can still be stylish. Seamlessly transition from work to rest with the gorgeous Culla Desk. Its small footprint ensures it won’t take over the space while its sleek design enhances the bedroom’s aesthetic. 

Or create a meditation corner. The Hira Pouf would be the perfect place for your mindfulness practice, providing a comfortable seat with its tightly woven top. Available in Metal Gray or Natural Ivory, this wool braided ottoman will double as a beautiful accent piece when not in use.

After a long day, opting for a queen bed will help make more space in your primary or guest bedroom. Its versatile size transforms the room into a calming retreat for a good night’s rest.

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