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Chatting about Modern Dining Chairs – A Buyer’s Guide

Consider the modern dining chair a moon orbiting your table. The occupant of each one having the ability to affect the tide of dinnertime conversation. Your uncle says something suspect — whoosh, waves crash, dampening dinner. Or, perhaps there’s warm banter from all sides as mashed potatoes get passed between your friend’s celestial bodies. The water is calm as you all splash about, reveling in the nostalgia unearthed by a friend who dragged the memory of Dunkaroos from the soft clay of everyone’s hippocampus. 

Maybe that’s a little much. A tad too poetic for just a chair. But don’t underestimate the humble dining chair. It’s the perfect place for pontificating and polemicizing. It’s everyone’s soapbox after a couple of glasses of red. 

Speaking of, is there a chair that pairs perfectly with a particular conversation? Perhaps a chat that can help you find the right seats for your space?

Let’s listen in.

The Simple Pleasures of Simple Dining Chairs

Practical. Color coordinated. The Svelti

“Why does a chair need all the bells and whistles? All it needs to be is affordable, sturdy, stylish — and if you’re feeling fancy — maybe a color that matches the rest of your contemporary decor. Something like the Svelti ticks all the boxes and then some — the bougie among us can even get it with arms.”

Sitting around his dinner table in a Svelti, you nod along, wondering why your father-in-law is trying to sell you on his (admittedly nice) chairs. Its molded seat is comfy and it’s certainly versatile — good for indoors and outdoors — so he’s not off base. You wonder if he’s ever considered the charming and stackable Dot Sun or the minimalist chic of the Meno

After he’s done lifting his Svelti over his head to showcase how lightweight it is, maybe you’ll ask.

The Modern, Breezy Backyard Dining Space

The Malau in its natural backyard habitat.

“Wait, is Mezcal just a different flavor of Tequila?”

As your friend leans forward in their Teaka dining chair to knowingly explain that both Mezcal and Tequila are distilled spirits made from agave, leaning far enough over that the back legs of their natural teak seat with its comfy cushion are off the ground, your mind wanders.

You think about the easy-going, ‘50s-inspired styling of the Malau rattan dining chair. A couple of those around your backyard fire pit? Perfection.

“Tequila is made specifically from blue Weber agave, while Mezcal can be made from over 30 different types of agave plant…” your friend continues as you picture the Caya and its sleek steel frame in your mid-century patio space. A classy look for in-house, too.

“Cheers!” shouts the table, startling you back to attention.

Chairs From the (Stylish) Future

A fleet of Zola dining chairs. Set table to “dinner.”

Perched in your future chair — your chair from the future — its sharp, modern design reminding you of refined starfleet furnishings, you decide whether or not you care about self-driving cars.

“With LiDAR, the little scanner-thingy shoots laser beams allllll over the place, creating a digital 3D map of the world around you. Everything. Cars, trees, those stubborn pigeons that waddle real slow across the road. Then the computer makes sure you don’t hit any of ‘em. Cool, right?” 

Your friend has been on about this for nearly a half-hour. You rest your elbow on the smooth, angular arm of the Zola dining chair, chin in hand, indicating how deep in thought you are. You’re also thinking about the stately Oscuro with its brushed metal legs and frame and smart fabric seat — speaking of seats, the Ceres’ is like a warm hug. Its angle is perfect for that slight, satisfied recline you make when you’re about to make a really good mid-conversation point.

All of these dining chairs from a future you could see for yourself.

Royal Modern Decor

The Feast dining benches and chair — a royal affair.

“Did you watch season 3 of The Crown?”

“You know, I don’t really understand anything that’s happening in it, but I love the costume design. I mean, why is Elizabeth traveling the world to look at racehorses?”

“Maybe season 4 follows her second wind as a jockey.”

“We can only hope.”
Stretched out on matching Feast dining benches, their high, comfy backs as supportive as they are cradling, you both revel in a decadence familiar to Liz. Smart, spacious design and ample cushioning make you think of Buckingham Palace. Of royalty. Of getting another drink…

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