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Choosing the Right Furniture For Small Spaces

When furnishing a home, size matters.

We’ve all been there. You spot the piece of your dreams: a comfortable sectional, an oak dining table, a dramatic floor lamp … and you fall in love. Then you check the dimensions and you quickly realize heartbreak over a piece of furniture can happen.

With traditional suburban homes rising in costs, tightly packed apartment suites and narrow townhouses are becoming the most affordable option for new home buyers. This makes space that much harder to come by.

But that doesn’t mean your home can’t resemble that secret decor inspiration Pinterest board we all know you have. And you don’t have to break the bank to do it, either.

If you’re looking to maximize space in your home without compromising design, here are a few tips to help.

Smart Seating

Dedicated apartment-width sofas and customizable, modular sectionals like Quadra work great for small living spaces.

We all love a spacious, comfortable sectional. But apartment living makes this cushiony dream feel unattainable. Luckily, there are seating options that come in accommodating widths or smart designs to maximize comfort and space in what little room you have.

Many of our favorite articles — like Sven, Burrard, and Anton — are available in dedicated apartment-friendly widths to bridge the gap between a loungey sofa and compact loveseat. Oversized armchairs are another alternative for seating in a small space that offers generous dimensions for maximum comfort.

Homes that have tricky layouts can be easily cheated with modular sectionals like Cube and Quadra that have seats you can purchase individually to configure in your space for a customized fit.

Even in a small space, sometimes a big sectional is exactly the statement a small room needs to draw the eye and make an impact. In these instances, make sure you measure first!

Hidden Surfaces

Small, urban spaces often have open floor plans (where one room flows right into another) that can be tricky to style.

Living small often means your living room might double as your dining room — or even triple as your home office. Your smaller space can still be stylish without feeling cluttered or forcing you to eat all meals on your lap (unless you live on the edge like that).

The surfaces you choose are key in this scenario. Smart designs like the Taiga nesting tables can be separated to provide ample table space, then slide underneath one another to elegantly hide away until the next time you have company over. Poufs in hardwearing materials like jute make them sturdy enough to balance a dinner tray on, while also being soft enough to act as spare seating when company comes over.

Space and clear counters are post-modern aspirations, but hard to come by. We can’t get enough decorative knick-knacks, but we also like a clean, modern home. We make it possible to have both. An open shelving unit can organize all your sentimental mementos and also stand in as an improvised wall to create the illusion of multiple rooms in homes with an open floor plan.

Two birds, one shelf. Create “rooms” in your open loft space and organize your clutter by lining up open shelving units like Archive to act as an improvised wall.

Keep your style while minimizing mess with this hand-woven bowl. You can hang it on the wall as a decorative piece when not in use, then take it down for easy-on-the-eye catchall for friends’ keys and wallets.

Stylish Investments

Is Tablet a bench? Is it an ottoman? Is it a coffee table? It’s amazing. Because it’s all three. Instagram: @kismet_house

Design that’s multi-functional, durable, and stylish — now that’s what we like to see. For a small living space, look no further than this sleek, versatile ottoman. It’s a footrest, coffee table, and bench rolled into one — the ultimate piece for putting your feet up one night and entertaining the next. Made from beautiful and durable full-aniline leather, that means this ottoman just gets better with age.

Sidenote: Need a refresher on what full-aniline leather means? We’ve got you covered here.

After you fill your small space with multi-functioning articles, you might find room for that coveted sectional after all. A sofa bed is the best investment you can make if you often have friends and family in town. By day, relax with your guests on the tufted seat cushions; by night, pull out the memory foam mattress for guests to get a comfortable night’s rest. Just don’t forget to grab linens for your visitors from the secret storage compartment under the chaise.

One bedroom living shouldn’t mean you can’t have guests over. A sofa bed like Soma is a smart solution when you’re expecting overnight guests in your small space.

While size matters when furnishing your home, smarts matter even more. It’s not the amount of space you have, it’s how you use it that counts.

Make the smart choice with articles that fit and complement your small space here.

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