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Defining with Modern Decor — A Buyer’s Guide

It’s a comfortable truth: out of all of the furniture in a home, the couch, bed, dining room table, and other big-ticket items get most of the attention. And rightfully so — they serve as its stars, per se. But we can’t forget about the important supporting-characters actors, the ones who help to flesh out and add definition to a space.

Yes, we’re talking about modern decor. The J.K. Simmons of your living room. 

Pillows and poufs that add an extra layer of comfort. Sectionals and rugs that do the unheralded work of tying a whole room together. Mirrors to check if your outfit is tied together. Lamps that bring your room to life when the day turns to night. Clocks to tell you exactly when that moment will arrive. Decor is at once the mortar and the fancy fringe.

Let’s explore some of our favorite decor pieces that’ll help make your space your space.

The Ren Pillow and Pouf in their natural habitat.

Islands of Extra Comfort

Is it possible to make your already comfy couch even comfier? After much debate and study, experts agree that, yeah, it is — just put some extra decorative pillows on there. Our Ren Pillow is a stylish fit. Looking to upgrade the comfort level of your floor? Well, the Ren Pouf is a seat, an ottoman, and even a coffee table, all in one. 

The Bovi putting in the work.

The Unheralded Role of Rugs

A good rug doesn’t just keep your toes warm (though, that part is welcome). It can help lay the foundation for your room’s total look, providing a base layer of color and/or pattern, not to mention the practical stuff like protecting the floor itself. The Bovi is a simple, neutral piece that complements the pops of bold hues the furniture resting on it.

The Leap Floor Lamp, waiting patiently for the sun to dip below the horizon.
Photo: @thesaratogahouse

A Light Affair

Speaking of a practical purpose, not only can a good lamp add an extra aesthetic flourish to a room, but it, you know, lights it up. So when the evening settles softly over your space, turn on the Leap Floor Lamp, curl up on the couch with a good book, and get lost. 

The perfect placement of the Meron to check if you have sleep in your eye.

Here’s Looking at You

It may seem obvious, but finding a mirror that’s nice to look at will make it even nicer to look into (Is that a new blazer? Looks good on you!). A piece like the Meron, with its natural woven frame, makes it a timeless bit of decor that can go a long way to defining the spirit of your space. 

The Maris, being a lil coy, it seems.

The Missing (Time) Piece

There are some decor items that can really put a button on the design of a room — its finishing touch. While a piece like the Maris Clock might not be as timeless as the aforementioned Meron, it’s only because it literally has all the time, and you may spend a lot of yours admiring its gorgeous, minimalist marble design. Put a bow on it.

The moral of this blog, the whole TL;DR of it all? Don’t sleep on the power of modern decor accents. It’s one of the best opportunities to showcase your personal style in your space, along with providing some of the practical comforts that go a long way to making it your home.

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