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Designing the Perfect Modern Reading Nook

And suddenly it’s autumn. Yeah, it happens every year, but it’s still surprising. Like your first three-sneeze sequence once hayfever strikes, or your annual discovery that Survivor is still on TV. One of fall’s best features, besides allowing us to bust out our sweater collections again, is that it’s the perfect weather for hunkering down with a good book.

While the “reading season” is year-round, there’s definitely something special about getting nice and cozy in your favorite reading nook as the leaves crisp and flutter to the earth below. New pages being turned and all that.

Creating the perfect reading nook is the first step in your autumnal reading journey. From the classic setups, to the more studious, versatile, and even all-season spaces for you to get lost in the plot in — look no further. Well, keep reading this article. You know what we mean. 

The Otio Lounge Set and the Vena Side Table. Consummate pros.

The Consummate Nook

When it comes to the quintessential spot to get cozy in with a book, the image that’ll likely come to mind consists of a comfy chair, footrest, side table, a cup of tea, roaring fire, and a contemplative bull mastiff who sits at your feet in stately repose. 

Can you see it? Ah, there it is.

Creating that classic reading nook for yourself isn’t too tricky. The key ingredients are a comfy modern lounge chair and footrest (like the Otio Lounge Set) and a place for your book and your tea (where the Vena Side Table comes in). The pooch and the roaring fire? Those are optional. 

Sink into a good book (and the cozy embrace of the Mod Armchair).

The Library Nook

Just like when you’re binge watching TV and want to keep the remote close, having a contemporary shelf full of books next to your preferred reading station (say a Mod Armchair with it’s deep seat and curved, cozy arms to really sink into) will have your next literary adventure just an arm’s length away. This analogy works, we swear. 

Bedroom nook all-stars: the Gabriola Lounge Chair, Lenia Walnut Bed, and Lenia Walnut Nightstand.

The Bedroom Nook

Sometimes your bedroom is your favorite room. We get it. Wake up in your gorgeous Lenia Walnut Bed (just a suggestion), rub the sleep from your eyes, jump into oh-so-comfortable arms of your Gabriola Lounge Chair (if you’d like), open a book, and start the day in a fantasy world before you enter the real one.

Read, nap, read, repeat. Featuring the Divan Daybed, Kirun Sideboard, Catta Coffee Table, and Solina Stool.

Multi-Use Nook

Remember when we were talking about having your reading nook in your bedroom? Consider bridging that gap by giving yourself the ability to stretch allllll the way out in your nook. Modern daybeds, like the sleek and modern Divan can help you do just that. And if that whirlwind of a book really takes it out of you? Hey, you’re already in the napping position. 

Getting a tan and insight into the life and times of Richard Kind? Both can be done on the Callais Sofa.

Outdoor Nook

We should mention that there’s no hard rule stating that reading nooks need to be indoors. If the weather’s nice and you’ve got a comfy place to kick back (like the versatile Callais Sofa with it’s double shelf to fit all manner of reading materials), make it your go-to while you dive into that highly anticipated Richard Kind autobiography.

Whatever you’re reading and wherever you choose to do so, we hope you’ll be comfy while doing it.

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