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Summer Lookbook: An Extraordinary Trip to the Beach

For our Summer Lookbook, we went on a surfing adventure to the wild (and wet) west coast of Vancouver Island — Tofino, British Columbia.

Tofino is a small surf town with big personality. Its relaxed, laid-back vibe is balanced by stunning views and a drool-worthy food scene. We found a surfer’s cottage close to one of the most popular local beaches: Chesterman’s Beach. The location’s west coast modern look was almost too good to be true and perfectly suited our style. Here, we photographed our articles (and Particles) in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The beachside community of Tofino was the perfect place to shoot our outdoor collection.

Our creative director, Maureen Welton, shared her thoughts from the shoot, giving us a little more insight to why we took our articles on a trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Q: Why Tofino? What about this place attracted you?

MW: Tofino is simply a beautiful place. It’s on the edge of wilderness with legendary surfing beaches, a temperate rainforest, inspiring First Nations history, and a town that has an independently spirited culture.

We have many happy customers in Tofino and it made sense for us to feature their Pacific Northwest style, especially as our head office is right across the water in Vancouver.

Q: Have you visited Tofino before?

MW: I visited the area many years ago and fell in love with the beautiful scenery surrounding this funky little town. I was excited to go back and capture that beauty with our newest articles.

Q: Favorite places to go in Tofino?

MW: For such a small place, Tofino has a wonderful selection of unique dining experiences and beyond. There are so many interesting independent and creative businesses, more than we could visit in one week!

Dinner: Wolf in the Fog, Kuma, Wickanninish Inn, Tough City Sushi, Tacofino, Wildside Grill, Sea Monster Noodle Bar
Coffee: Tofitian
Dessert: Chocolate Tofino
Surf shop: Storm
Garden: Tofino Botanical Garden
Art: The Eagle Aerie Gallery

Q: If Tofino were a person, how would you describe their personality?

MW: Surfer cool, casually stylish, fit and healthy, down-to-earth with a wild edge.

Q: What constantly surprises you about our photoshoots?

MW: A lot of planning goes into a location shoot, but no amount of planning prepares you for what happens organically once you’re there — weather events, the synergy of the team, and sometimes challenges that present you with an opportunity to think quickly. Inevitably, magic happens.

Tahseen, Article’s Director of Technology, lounges on the beach in the Teaka chair.

Q: Any funny, behind-the-scenes moments you can share?

MW: The first few days it rained continuously — not ideal for a summer campaign shoot.

We had two moving trucks full of articles that were being stored in a large event tent during the shoot. One early morning our crew arrived and the roof of the tent was collapsing from water that had collected on top of it, and was threatening to take down the entire thing.

We tried to push the water up with brooms but it was too heavy, water was pouring into a corner of the tent and everyone was scrambling to move furniture out of the way. We tried calling the tent company, but they couldn’t come right away.

One of our Particles found a hose and like a good boy scout, created a siphon and the water started to drain through it. Disaster averted!

Only a few products got wet, but we were soaked. The shoot just kept going despite the early morning trauma and before long, we were laughing and proud of our resourcefulness. 

Q: How did you go about choosing the furniture we would bring to the shoot?

MW: We think about the location and which products will look good in the space, new ways to combine our products, color and mood themes connected to the space, and ways to show new products. We get creative and sometimes quirky as the location presents new ways of seeing things.

Q: Your favorite look from the shoot?  

MW: Our articles on the beach. Awesome products in an awesome location.

Visit our website to explore more from our week shooting in Tofino.

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