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Fit for a King & Queen: Restful Ideas for a Modern Bedroom

According to the CDC, one in three Americans aren’t getting enough shut-eye. If we know sleep is crucial, why aren’t we getting more of it? Health professionals point to poor sleep hygiene, the need to form better habits, and the benefits of creating a relaxing sleep environment.

We can’t help you change any habits (though we’ve heard turning off screens and relaxing rituals are a good start), but we are experts in comfort and modern design. Read on for inspiring ideas to create a restful respite, bring a sense of calm to your bedroom, and measure all your bed needs.

A True Modern, Personal Sanctuary

Every room in your home has the opportunity to be an extension of you and your family, but your bedroom should also feel like an oasis for sleep. Prioritize comfort, minimize clutter, and create an atmosphere that invites you to unwind. 

Sometimes, after a long day, the idea of putting away clothes feels like too much—we get it. Futureproof yourself from any mess by loosely folding and placing what you wore on a bench. The Gabriola feels right at home at the foot of a bed, with its warm ivory boucle and stylish silhouette. You’ll thank yourself in the morning for not having to pick anything up off the floor.

A soothing space is a clear signal that it’s time to slow down. Soften your lighting and save space on your nightstand with the Leap Sconce Lamps. With an adjustable shade and curved arm that swivels, one partner can read while the other goes to sleep.

A comfortable bed with a brown walnut bedframe.

Dark, modern, and a little bit moody, the Nera Bed has everything you need, including soft-close drawers to save some precious space.

The Nera Bed adds simplicity, with an option for built-in nightstands in the headboard. Organize cords so they spark joy with a wire nook you can easily thread your charger through. Remember what we mentioned about screens? Read without distraction by stowing your phone in one of the soft-close drawers. 

Bed Size & Material

If you’re a light sleeper, you notice even the smallest of movements, especially when sharing your bed. A buffer between you can go a long way. Do a quick test by lying on your back beside each other and placing your hands behind your head. If your elbows overlap, you’ll benefit from a bigger bed. 

A queen and king bed are both the same length, but the king has an additional 14” in width, making it ideal for two people to sleep soundly. If you have the bed to yourself, a queen offers generous room to spread out.

Measure your bedroom before committing to a king bed. It should be at least 10” x 12” to allow for easy navigation. If it’s feeling tight, we recommend the tried and true painter’s tape trick of outlining the size of the furniture to get a better sense of fit. 

Optimize a smaller room size by adding storage under your bed. The Streamlined Storage King Bundle pairs the modern Lenia White Oak King Bed with the Lenia White Oak Underbed Storage Drawer Set. Knowing everything is properly in its place will also help you sleep better at night.

A brown oak drawer underneath a comfortable white bed.

In need of a little more storage space? The Lenia Underbed Storage Drawer Set is that extra organizational tool for keeping your room clutter-free.

All our beds are available in both king and queen sizes, but another major consideration is their material. The tastefully unassuming Basi is solidly constructed using the highest quality veneer. Its clean lines are a statement on their own while also providing flexibility to add a headboard down the road. Or sink into the beloved, upholstered Tessu, a Scandinavian design hugged in coziness by a polyester fabric with a soft linen feel. 

A white bed on top of a walnut bed frame, with two green pillows.

Sleek and simple, the Basi Bed will give you the look and feel of snoozing on a cloud.

Get the best of both worlds with the Lenia Pebble Grey Bed, available in Walnut or White Oak. It combines the plush support of an upholstered headboard with classic, solid wood spindles and tapered legs so you can tuck in at night surrounded by style.

Modern Bedroom Furniture for Kids & Pets

If you’re regularly joined by cuddly children or furry friends, a king bed can be the parenting hack that’s the difference between falling back to sleep or not. They may be cute, but those tiny bodies pack a lot of heat. At the end of the day, we all just want to be seen, heard, and allotted adequate space to sleep.

Create a cozy, but spacious nest for your family with the Abisko. Based on the popular namesake sofa, the plush, foam, and feather filled headboard will ensure a little one won’t bump their bean in the darkness of the night. The Tessu will also provide a soft landing while satisfying minimalist sensibilities.

A plush, gray and white bed with a dark gray blanket.

With its plush foam, and feather headboard, the Abisko Bed provides you with comfort at every angle.

Allowing your pets into bed is a debate we won’t get into, but if you do, you’ll probably want to stay away from upholstered beds. Claw sharpeners for cats, dirt magnets for messy dogs, and just overall hair collectors. Wood is the way to go. The Lenia Panel King Bed, with its timeless American black walnut veneer, is easy to care for. Beautifully constructed, this bed frame adds a quiet sophistication, so you won’t have to sacrifice design to accommodate your animals.

Set the Tone

Tired of feeling tired? Set yourself up for sleep success by paying attention to how your bedroom makes you feel. Your body and mind are subconsciously taking cues from your surroundings, so appeal to your senses when selecting your storage, lighting, and most of all bed. Soften your space and go gently into the good night.

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