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The Article Guide to Pender Island

The people of Article spend a lot of time crunching numbers and refreshing Google Analytics. We also work hard to get away from the office and disconnect. Enter A-Team Travel: a series of occasional guides to our favorite places. For our most recent Lookbook, we travelled to one of British Columbia’s Gulf Islands. Between 13-hour shoot days, shuffling furniture, and lengthy styling sessions, we made a little time to enjoy the island. Research is important.

Stay on Pender Island

The Woods on Pender has 10 vintage airstreams to sleep and lounge by.

Woods on Pender

A self-described “glamping” destination, the Woods on Pender is a collection of summer camp inspired lodgings and adult-amenities on hand. Whether you prefer the Airstream life, a vintage motel lodging, or a personal cabin, the Woods has you covered. Regardless of the accommodation you choose, a personal-sized hot tub awaits … as do a few outdoor showers. If you can swing it, we recommend renting out all six Airstreams (gather your friends!) and having a low-key island party. Pender Island is actually predator-free, so when you’re enjoying your light night campfire, all you need to worry about is startling a deer (and to be clear: they’re nothing to worry about). When you wake up refreshed, wander down to their on-site cafe, Coffee and Kitchen, for a delicious brunch (or lunch, or dinner) cooked by the owner-operator, Curtis Redel. The Article team stayed at The Woods and even managed to persuade Curtis to open up his incredible restaurant to feed the hungry Particles. Thanks, Curtis!

Live the Island Vista life.

Live the Article life at this Pender AirBNB

Seem familiar? This beautiful home was featured in our summer ‘18 lookbook! You can live the Island Vistas life too — all you need is an internet connection and an AirBNB account.

We were drawn to the house because of it’s incredible architecture. Vancouver duo Marko Simcic and Brian Broster of the Simcic Uhrich Architecture firm wanted to give the impression that the home was “floating” over the ridge it sits on rather than attached to it. The unique shape of the roof serves the dual purpose of added visual interest, and creating the perfect acoustic environment for live music (notice the grand piano).

Plan your trip right and you won’t even have to leave. Stock the fridge with finds from the Pender Farmer’s market and chill out all weekend. The home has a gorgeous kitchen, a barbecue, a media room (that’s “classy” for HOME THEATRE), some serious patio real-estate, and no-filter-needed views. Post-shoot, the Article team may have enjoyed a bottle of wine on this patio. Again. Research.


Pender has a number of public campsites, all of which can be booked online. Grab your tent and a favorite book — maybe even a bike if you’re feeling adventurous — and hit the ferry. Pacific Northwest camping rewards you with incredible views, Snow White level fauna, and peaceful surroundings. Of course, it also threatens you with rain. A lot of rain. Make sure you check the forecast before you forge bravely on. Camping is more this humble writer’s speed, but perhaps one day she will lead the Article photoshoot team on a wilderness retreat. She doubts it, but retains hope.

Eat on Pender Island

Farmer’s Market

From Easter til Labor Day, Pender Island celebrates its local farmers at their weekly market. Stock up on produce, cheeses, bread, and treats — all made and grown within a few miles of where you stand.


Twin Island Cidery

Taste the bounty of island apples. Twin Island Cidery uses heirloom (like, 19th century heirloom) apples to craft their cider. They’ve got a seriously extensive list of their varieties, plus every apple’s unique history, right here. Be sure to check their tasting-room hours before you make the trek!

Seastar Winery

Another gem featured in our Lookbook 12 campaign, Seastar makes wines that celebrate the unique terroir of the gulf islands. Using grapes grown on Pender and Saturna Islands, Seastar offers a range of styles to sample at their on-site tasting room. Hungry? No problem: local on-wheels eatery Island Time pop-ups up to feed the hungry drinkers all summer long.

Seastar’s gorgeous rosé, ready for drinking.

Coffee and Kitchen

If you’re staying in an Airstream at the Woods on Pender, you probably already know all about their excellent kitchen and cafe. But if you aren’t, you can still enjoy the fruits of Chef Redel’s labour of love. Just be sure to call ahead to secure a spot … and confirm that they’ll be open. Island time is a thing.

Pub at Brownings Harbour

Sometimes a burger and a beer is as welcome as familiar hug. The Pub at Brownings Harbour is slinging traditional pub fare with a side of views. Sit on the deck outside to survey the rugged coastline, and lift your glass to the mariners enjoying a drink on their boats.

Explore Pender Island

If you have any energy left from your full day of lounging, drinking, and eating, check out a few of the local trails and activities.

Exploring Pender Island: a pretty nice place to visit.

Dog Mermaid offers paddleboard and kayak rentals, yoga classes, and yoga classes atop a rented paddleboard. Engage your core and try out this very West-Coast activity.

Walk around! Pender is positively brimming with beautiful walking trails, rugged coastal beaches, and scrambly walks. Pack yourself a picnic and get lost. Not literally.

Pender Island is wild, gorgeous, and ripe for exploration. Whether you’re looking for a low-key weekend of chilling and drinking, or want to get your adventure on, there’s bound to be something to check out. Got suggestions for a future iteration of A-Team Travel? This writer will travel.

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