Meet a Particle: Julien - Articulate

Meet a Particle: Julien

Sitting on comfy articles is only part of the job. These are the stories of the people at Article (Particles, if you will) and the adventurous lives they lead.


He’s also a UX designer at Article. When Julien isn’t making our website beautifully efficient, he can often be found in the kitchen baking things like bread, or getting his hands on a DIY project. “I get a lot of satisfaction out of doing things, and creating things myself,” he says. One of his recent DIY projects saw a Seno sideboard reimagined with a new color palette.

Julien is also a travel junkie. “I’ve visited most European countries, and a couple of countries in Southeast Asia. Next on the list is Hawaii.” His agenda on the island includes scuba diving and (more importantly) eating poké.

When asked to describe his interior design style, Julien says form always follows function. “My home doesn’t look like it belongs in a design magazine, but I try to have well-designed pieces that are comfortable, using the right amount of space.”

Julien’s favorite article?

“I’d say the Mello sectional. I’ve just bought one for my place. I love that you can split it into two independent pieces, changing the layout of your space from time to time,” Julien says. The Mello sofa’s full-grain leather also brings a unique look to any space.

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