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Decorated Mara marble coffee table

The New Classics

New year, new you baby. 2018 is poised to be a year of reinvention. Ask for that promotion. Try that pair of patent leather booties. Experiment with your facial hair. And most relevantly for us, invest in that statement decor piece you’ve been thinking about.

In keeping with reinvention, we took a look at our current catalogue. Our love for classic design, mid-century modern, and scandi-minimalism runs deep, but we like to play with proportion and materials. As such, our inventory has a great range of classic homage and contemporary cool. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorites that hit both ends of the style spectrum.

The Sofa

Classic: Sven Charme Tan Sofa. New Classic: Capilano Charme Jasper Sofa

Oh Sven. Our top seller’s tufted seat and overstuffed cushions make it a crowd pleaser. The Capilano’s similar shape is just as easy to style, but its slender base and thin legs give a lighter silhouette.

The Credenza

Classic: Seno Walnut Sideboard. New Classic: Envelo Sideboard

A mid-century modern sideboard brings the polish and the style. Purists love Seno’s stately black walnut, while new-school decorators gravitate towards the Envelo’s white lacquered wrap.

The Coffee Table

Classic: Amoeba Wild Walnut Coffee Table. New Classic: Mara Walnut Coffee Table

An homage to mid-century moderns’ kidney table, the Amoeba evokes Mad Men style in a contemporary setting. The Mara, on the other hand, serves modern beauty and confidence by way of her gorgeous marble topper.

The Lounge Chair

Classic: Nord Galaxy Gray Chair. New Classic: Thetis Charme Tan Chair

If the Nord makes you feel well-appointed and at home, like you’re on the set of your favorite family sitcom, the Thetis is a dad on prestige TV: Comfortable, dashing, complex.

The Light

Classic: Stilt White Floor Lamp. New Classic: Treo White Floor Lamp

The Stilt’s warm wood tones make it easy to incorporate into pre-decorated spaces. Its cousin the Treo swings more industrial-chic with those powder-coated metal legs.

The Dining Table

Classic: Madera Oak Dining Table. New Classic: Oscuro Black Dining Table

The rustic wood is the Madera is as timeless as jeans and a white tee. The Oscuro, with her black-stained walnut and brass legs, is putting on your going-out shoes.

The Rug

Classic: Texa Fog Gray Rug. New Classic: Fleka Ivory Yellow Rug.

A good rug can really tie the room together. The Texa offers cozy favorite-sweater vibes with its cool grey and hand-weave, while the Fleka – with its chunky weave and subtle color – is reminiscent of your statement knit.

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