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Two Aeri Lounge Chairs from Article are set up with a large plant and outdoor rug.

Our Most Comfortable Outdoor Lounge Chairs, Ranked

Whether you need a place to sleep off that lunchtime BBQ spread or somewhere you can dive into the latest political memoir, our completely arbitrary and subjective ranking of modern outdoor lounge chairs has the perfect piece for you. PS: They’re all winners in our books. 

The best outdoor lounge chairs

The best outdoor lounge chair for: naps 

Sometimes that warm afternoon sun hits juuuuust right and a little snooze is in the forecast. Although you could grab an old musty picnic blanket and lay it down on your patch of grass or pavers, why would you? The perfect lounger is *right* here. 

The Eleya Lounger is technically a lounge chair, but definitely leans indulgently into “outdoor bed” territory. We’re not complaining. A modern and simple silhouette keeps the look streamlined and simple, while a weather-resistant foam cushion makes it extremely nappable. 

Paige of Love Designed Life relaxes on an Eleya Lounge Chair with her daughter
Paige of A Love Designed Life creates the perfect poolside rest stop with two Eleya Loungers.

Poolside at a luxury hotel while on vacation or in your backyard, it’s always a treat to lie down in the middle of the day and catch up on your beauty sleep. So turn on that out-of-office responder — you’re taking a trip to dreamland.

The best outdoor lounge chair for: reading

You might be thinking that every outdoor lounge chair works as a reading chair — and you’d be right. There’s nothing stopping you from sitting in any chair you please and cracking open “Goodnight, Moon” whenever you want.

However, there are certain chairs that do more than simply offer you a spot to place your body while flipping through some pages. The Reni Lounge Chair is just that. 

Grab this season’s celebrity book club pick and take a seat: the Reni Lounge Chair is waiting.

The Reni Lounge Chair’s woven rope seat and back provide the support you need while reading, with just enough give so that you can sink into it a little bit. The lack of a cushion or padded seat might seem alarming at first glance, but this is part of the Reni’s strategy. 

While you might fall victim to a 3 PM nap attack (see above) if you try reading on a cushy, overly-padded lounge chair, the Reni keeps your posture at the ideal level for consuming content. A win-win, especially when it comes to your bedside “to-be-read” stack. 

The best outdoor lounge chair for: rocking

C’mon, admit it: You’ve pictured yourself and your true love in your golden years, sitting side-by-side on the porch in matching rocking chairs. Now it’s time to actually make that vision stylish. 

A modern rocking chair like the Beltaine cranks up your outdoor space’s style factor, while staying true to its main purpose. You still get that soothing back-and-forth sensation that’s popular amongst babies for a reason. This piece is made from synthetic wicker and a powder-coated aluminum frame, meaning it’ll last a long time whether indoors or out. 

A Beltaine wicker rocking chair is shown on a sunny patio
Get ready to rock (*ahem*) with the comfortable elegance of the Beltaine Rocking Chair.

Use it to live out your porch rocking dreams, or in your baby’s room as the ultimate cool-parent nursery addition. The Beltaine’s durable materials can withstand outdoor dirt and indoor baby spit up with equal grace. 

The best outdoor lounge chair for: small spaces

Not every outdoor space has room for multiple furniture setups, but that doesn’t mean you need to skimp on style — or functionality. 

Instead of just dragging out that folding chair you keep in your utility closet, treat your small garden or balcony with the Kezia Right or Left Side Module of your choice. With its built-in side table, this lounge chair is a double-duty darling. When you need all the space you can get, the compact footprint of this Kezia Module gives you your comfortable, stylish lounge chair and modern side table all in one. 

A Kezia Module with included side table is shown in a desert setting
The Kezia Left and Right Side Modules feature an armless design and built-in Acacia side table for the ultimate double-duty piece — without the large footprint.

Another clever space-saving feature? The armless silhouette. The arms of lounge chairs can often add another few inches on either side of the seat, so this is something you’ll want to prioritize when your goal is to save space. If you’ve got room, add another piece such as the corner module or armless module and configure your seating arrangement to your specific space. You’re basically a designer now. 

The best outdoor lounge chair for: boho-lovers

If you aren’t planning on traveling anytime soon, a boho patio can help bring that vacation feeling right to your backyard. Whether you’re just looking for an accent chair, or you’re going total boho, we’ve got the perfect piece to complement your overall look. 

Enter: the Aeri Lounge Chair. Made with a natural-look resin wicker, the Aeri Lounge Chair brings a relaxed and casual feel to your outdoor space. The generous seat’s Slate Gray fabric keeps the look grounded and sleek, while the woven frame brings an “all-inclusive” kind of vibe. Add two to your sectional set up, or gather four around your outdoor fire pit. Boho bonfire? Yes please. 

A wicker Aeri Lounge Chair is shown against a white wall
Right at home with lifestyle expert Sylvia Tribel’s other wicker and rattan elements, the Aeri Lounge Chair is a true boho beauty.

Whether you need a spot for open-air napping, or a solution for your small patio, we’ve got outdoor lounge chairs for every style and space. Since these are just a few of our favorites, feel free to browse our full collection to find the chair that speaks to you. We promise a match made in lounging heaven. 

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