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Ready, (Dining) Set, Go! Dining Room Furniture to Suit Any Space

After several months of noshing your way through all the poolside BBQs, picnics in the park, and ice cream dates summer has to offer, you may have forgotten what it’s like to sit down to a meal at home. But with the end of summer on the horizon, now seems like a pretty good time to revamp your indoor dining room set-up.

With so many things to consider, like style, room shape, materials, size, and function (we told you — it’s a lot), furnishing a dining space can seem daunting. Whether you’re looking to fully redesign a formal dining room or simply spruce up that cozy nook in the corner of your kitchen, our selection of dining room sets will help you get excited about indoor dining (and even hosting) all over again.


A match made in interior design heaven: wood and glass. Bringing a bit of mid-century modern flair, the ​​Tafulo Dining Table knows how to keep things bright and open. The sturdy solid wood base supports a tempered glass tabletop that’s so clear, your guests won’t be able to stop staring at the new designer shoes you just happened to throw on. It’s also available in a round version, perfect for accommodating smaller spaces. Style it with the Nosh Dining Chairs to really make it pop.

Looking for a cozy breakfast nook that instantly transforms into a chic WFK (work from kitchen) spot come 9am? Say no more. With its Carrara marble top and brass-plated steel pedestal base, the Erno Dining Table will make you want to settle in and stay a while. So don’t be surprised when it becomes your go-to spot for all your everyday tasks, from catching up on emails to fueling up on coffee and snacks between video calls. The perks of having your fridge and pantry within arm’s reach, right? Make a set of it by bringing in some Oscuro Dining Chairs, ​​and you’ll be all ready to go the next time you invite your colleagues over for post-work cocktails.


Looking to transform your formal dining room from everyday din-din spot to inviting event destination at a moment’s notice? Then the Madera Dining Table is your perfect match. Boasting a richly textured oak tabletop, this extendable design embodies style and function like nobody’s business. Whatever the occasion — chill get-togethers, milestone birthdays, your bff’s baby shower — the leaf extension will allow you to easily accommodate up to twelve guests. Create a magazine-worthy modern farmhouse look by pairing it with the Dabo Dining Chairs


Limited space doesn’t have to mean limited style. With the right furniture, a small floor plan can squeeze in a perfectly suitable dining area — yes, even your tiny studio apartment. With its 31” diameter and tall, slender profile, the Seno Round Bar Table aims to (literally) elevate your space to new heights. Its circular shape allows for better room flow, while its elongated tapered legs bring mid-century appeal that pairs beautifully with the Sede Bar Stools.

If natural stone is more your speed, consider the Mara Cafe Table. This marble-top beauty may be smaller than your average dining table, but it’s large enough to hold light meals, beverages, and a couple of tea lights, should the mood call for it. Pair it with two to however-many-you-want Svelti Dining Chairs to complete the experience. But a warning — with so many colorways, it might be hard to choose.


Looking to design your dining area from the ground up? Let’s start with a rug or two. Adding a large rug can anchor the space, helping bring it all together. If something smaller is more your speed, slip a braided base style like the Natica Rug underneath a petite table to create a distinction between the dining area and the rest of your open-concept space.

You know what pairs well with a classy dining room set? An equally classy sideboard, of course. Crafted from solid and veneered walnut, the V Bar Sideboard brings mid-century modern elegance to any dining room. The two sliding doors and spacious interior make it easy to store all your fancy dinner plates and silverware (you know, the kind you save for special occasions). Meanwhile, the removable wine rack — which allows you to proudly showcase your finest of bottles — makes you look like a certified sommelier. Cheers to that!

When choosing your dining room set, remember that the smaller details matter too. Decor elements like overhead lighting, cool artwork, or heck, even a bowl filled with limes (it’s a whole thing…) can help you create an inviting space everyone will enjoy. Including your cute furry friend who will be patiently waiting under whichever table you choose for the tidbits to drop.

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