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Step Up Your Entertainment with a Modern Media Unit

Are your TV and entertainment accouterments relegated to a half-finished basement? Does it feel like a mess of cords are taking over your living room? Cleverly integrate electronics into your space, making it cozy and fashionable. Spend more quality time doing what you love (like watching more Grey’s Anatomy and playing Mario Kart) and way less time feeling overwhelmed by clutter.

As the entertainment hub of your home, a TV stand (or modern media unit as we like to call them) should never be an afterthought. This multi-hyphenate has the potential to not only be a stylish piece of furniture, but also an expert cord organizer, remote keeper, game console hider, and extra storage provider. Read on for some ideas and inspiration to find a solution that enhances the aesthetic of your living or rec room.

Brown walnut tv stand and media unit on a wood floor near a gray rug

The Lenia Media Unit sits pretty in any space, holding up your television, book collection, or fancy-pants art pieces.

Classic Mid-century modern

Do you hear that? It’s the satisfying silence of the Lenia’s soft close drawers. Made from American Walnut, the curved, solid wood handles are another subtle but stylish detail that make this utilitarian piece of furniture a pleasure to look at. Hide your electronics in the drawers and adorn the shelves with handmade ceramics and a small stack of vintage magazines.

Design is in the details of the Nera Media Unit, like the subtle chevron grain in the walnut veneer drawers. Aluminum handles and tapered spindle legs are delicate touches that reinforce its mid-century modern appeal. A fixed shelf with a cut out for cords makes it easy to set up electronics but also a nice spot for a stack of carefully curated novellas. 

At 48” long, the matte white and walnut Envelo is ideal for apartments. Its smaller footprint still offers plenty of storage for your Playstation, AppleTV, Sonos speaker, and all the corresponding remotes. Leather pulls on the cabinet and drawer let you put things away with stylish convenience. 

White and brown TV stand and media unit sitting in a modern living room

The open shelving of the Bios Media Unit makes it the ideal candidate for setting up your gaming system, making your weekly Smash Bros. tournament a simple setup.

Simple Elegance

Sideboard? Media unit? Why choose? Taller than most media units with solid oak paneled cabinets, the Merto makes a statement but in a casual, understated kind of way. With enough surface area to display a TV, it also makes a lovely home for a record player to play some tunes. Light the fancy candle, put on some John Coltrane, and tuck into the sofa with a blanket and a good book.

A fan-favorite, the Bios Media Unit is a streamlined design of contrasting textures — high gloss white lacquer frame, oak drawers, and powder-coated metal legs. This modern minimalist piece has an adjustable open shelf and four super handy drawers. Stow away board games and excess clutter, like the DVD box sets your partner insists on keeping.

No more messy, disorganized drawers. Only well placed things that spark joy. Go full Marie Kondo and keep everything out in the open with the Segata Media Unit. Solid oak shelves with rounded corners sit perfectly on the minimalist powder-coated steel frame. 

A black wood and rattan TV stand and media unit with a lamp and white rug

The Candra Media Unit boasts its unique woven fisheye pattern made from rattan, giving your living space a well-needed spruce of modernism.

C’est Chic

We get it, the TV likes to take center stage. But your media unit can still be a scene stealer. Cue the art deco-inspired Oscuro with its black finish, brushed brass-colored accents, and fluted glass doors. Extend the nod to the roaring twenties even further by styling with a martini shaker set and a brass lamp, like the Koepel

Polished vintage meets modern charm. Round out your living room with the smooth edges of the Candra. Made of natural rattan, the coveted woven fisheye cane pattern is framed by a solid American Ash body that provides plenty of stylish storage. 

Black wood TV cabinet and media unit on a white rug.

Mixing natural wood and brushed metal gives the Oscuro Media Unit a sleek and modern presence to your space. 

Netflix and Chill

With all the cords, consoles, and remotes put away in their proper place, unwind and settle into the new season of Ozark, Atlanta, or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel without any distractions. Sprinkle some nutritional yeast on your popcorn, cuddle into the corner of your sectional sofa (like the popular Sven), and enjoy as many episodes as you like. 

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