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Style Tips for Round Rugs

Choosing the right area rug may seem like a daunting task, but once you understand a few basics, the floor is your oyster. Whether you’ve previously dipped your toe in rug selection by playing with color and texture, or you’re ready to take the plunge into uncharted territory —  lean into the learning curve and consider a round rug. Too many metaphors? Definitely. But, we’re here to help make sense of it all. Read along as we explore some stylish ideas to help incorporate a round rug into your space.

Circular gray rug underneath a wooden table and chairs.

Gather ’round. The Natica Rug‘s circular shape centers your space and showcases the piece that sits in its middle.

Define each area

While everyone loves boundaries when it comes to personal development, they’re just as helpful for your home, too. Strategically placed rugs clearly define areas in large rooms or open concept layouts. These mini zones maximize your square footage and look good while doing so.

Easily create a distinct dining area in a large kitchen or living room with the Natica Rug. Made of recycled bottles, the braided weave is stain resistant, which makes the accidental (but more than occasional) spill by your three-year-old no big deal and easy to clean. Its 6’ diameter comfortably fits the Seno Dining Table with four Svelti Chairs, which you can select on their own or in the So Fresh and So Clean Bundle.

Round gray rug with a wooden table and chairs.

The Natica Rug is handmade, so it can vary slightly in size and color.

While a rocking chair in your nursery is pretty standard, create a sense of calm with a cozy nook anchored by the Natica Rug. Hopefully you won’t be spending too much time swaying back and forth, but the Embrace Rocking Chair with its deep, plush seat is here to comfort you in the wee hours of the night. The Lissom Floor Lamp adds ambient light, with its brass finish complementing the softness of the Coconut White upholstery and Light Gray rug. 

Speaking of nooks, a spot to read quietly is always a good idea. While you may scroll Instagram looking at aspirational home libraries, a reading nook is something much easier to achieve IRL. Place the Dark Gray Natica in the corner of your living room, den, or bedroom, bonus points if it’s near the ambiance of a window or fireplace. Up the coziness factor with the Ivory Bouclé Gabriola Chair and matching Ottoman while the solid, pedestal-like Hendry Side Table makes a convenient spot for a cup of tea. The sleek Leap Floor Lamp balances the chunkiness of the braided rug and furniture with its matte and polished metal finish and a mid-century modern appeal. Now trade your phone for some Tolstoy and settle in on a rainy day.

Round white rug with brown wood table.

Don’t get dizzy: the Natica‘s handmade circular pattern can put you under its spell.

Layer up

Recently moved? If your 5×8” area rug is feeling sparse in your new space, replacing it isn’t the only option. Add more dimension by layering. The round Light Gray Natica Rug adds contrasting shape and texture to the angles of a low pile rug, like the Fog Gray Texa for indoors and the Arroyo for a (covered) patio. 

While putting an area rug overtop of carpet feels counterintuitive, it’s an effective and easy way to freshen up a space without redoing the floors. Spruce up a cream carpet that feels a bit dated with the softness of Natica’s natural grays. 

Brown round patterned rug in a modern living room.

Woven from 100% jute, the Oma Rug‘s stunning pattern really helps to bring the boho vibes to any living space.


The round, jute Oma Rug draws attention to a curved wall or window area, emphasizing the architectural and design details. The Oma can mirror a round overhead light, and the Suru Pendant Lamp is the perfect match. At 9’ in diameter, the Oma’s larger size makes a circular statement under the curved edges of the modular Solae.

Soft on the feet, the Oma brings a lowkey boho vibe to the bedroom. The intricate pattern of the jute really pops under a simple bed frame like the Basi. While the Ansa Bench in matching walnut is a stylish touch, its main superpower is keeping your clothes from winding up on the floor.

Brown round patterned rug in a modern bedroom.

The Oma Rug sits comfortably in several rooms in your home, from the bedroom to your office. It’s a real social butterfly.

Something different

It’s not that round rugs are a completely new concept, they just don’t get as much attention as their angular counterparts. Choosing the right area rug is a tough decision. It’s easy to stick with what’s familiar, but step outside your comfort zone. In a world of rectangular rugs, try being the intriguing round one. 

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