The Best Loveseats for Every Space
Tan leather loveseat with a blue throw pillow and sheepskin.

Size Isn’t Everything: The Best Loveseats for Every Space

It’s an unfortunate truth. There are some loveseats that are just so easy to, well… hate. They’re either uber-stylish but require an immediate trip to your chiropractor, or their weird proportions make them look like a funhouse sofa. 

Like a mini horse is to a stallion (stay with us here), the perfect loveseat features all of the best qualities of a modern sofa — just in a smaller size. They’re big enough to sit on without feeling constrained but compact enough to fit in smaller spaces. Plus, they’re more than capable of making a big-time design statement no matter where they’re placed. 

To help you choose the best modern loveseat for your space and design needs, we’ve rounded up our favorites and listed them in no particular order. And the winners are…

The best loveseats you’ve ever seen in your life

The Best Loveseat for: Color Enthusiasts 

Winner: The Sven Cascadia Blue Loveseat

Neutrals? They’re not for you. You like to spice up your life any chance you get, so there’s no way you’re buying a gray or beige loveseat. While you don’t necessarily want your furniture and decor to be “loud,” you’re okay with a little tasteful volume every once in a while. That’s why the Sven Cascadia Blue Loveseat is the perfect choice for you. 

The Cascadia Blue hue is dark enough to still scream “sophistication,” while whispering “hello, I am a beautiful color.” This shade would be stunning on any material, but the lush velvet adds that can’t-look-away factor that makes even the smallest spaces feel special. 

Sven Cascadia Blue Velvet Loveseats in a colorful space

Jenna of No Whey Lady amps up the color in her bright living room with the Sven Cascadia Blue Loveseat.

The Best Loveseat for: Minimalists 

Winner: Gabriola Dover Gray Boucle Loveseat

Let’s get this out of the way: this loveseat doesn’t have the clean lines you may associate with minimalism. They’re curved, rounded, and there’s not a straight edge in sight. That said, we believe the Gabriola Loveseat is perfect for minimalist spaces. Its silhouette is simple and Scandinavian-inspired, while the light gray shade maintains a calm and airy feel. 

Have you ever walked into a minimalist space and checked the door to make sure you weren’t in a hospital? All we’re saying is that this style can sometimes look a bit cold and clinical. The Gabriola features a bouclé fabric that adds softness and textural interest so your minimal space still feels cozy and comfortable. Clean lines > sanitized lines.

A bouclé loveseat sits in a white living room.

The Gabriola Loveseat in Dover Gray Bouclé looks right at home in a clean, minimal living space.

The Best Loveseat for: Boho Lovers

Winner: Cigar Rawhide Tan Loveseat

If you’re all about a relaxed, vintage feel, the Cigar Rawhide Tan Loveseat may be your best bet. Crafted with full-aniline, Italian-tanned leather, the Cigar’s surface has been sanded to accentuate the natural leather grain. In other words, it looks organic, au naturel, and gives off that ultra-relaxed ~vibe~ you’re going for. This worn-in patina will only get better with time and use, meaning you can be oh-so-nonchalant when your friend’s chihuahua decides to get the zoomies on your Cigar Loveseat. Those scratches? They only add to the charm! No big deal. 

Plus, what could evoke that relaxed boho-attitude more than an armless loveseat? Without the arms you may find on other loveseats, the Cigar offers more versatility and styling options for smaller spaces. You can pull your rattan side table right up next to this loveseat without worrying about pesky arms getting in the way. Not only that, but the Cigar lets you fit as much seating into a space without having to account for the precious real estate usually taken up by a loveseat’s arms. Picture it atop a jute rug with a woven pillow or two casually tossed for good measure while your plant collection thrives nearby. 

An armless, tan leather loveseat is shown with a round marble coffee table.

The Cigar Loveseat adds an organic, earthy vibe to a boho space.

The Best Loveseat for: Cottagecore Aficionados 

Winner: Sven Grass Green Loveseat

Taylor Swift is playing on your record player, your freshly-picked daisies are in that antique French mason jar you love, and your pet deer is sleeping soundly on your Sven Grass Green Loveseat. Okay, maybe we went too far with the deer, but you get the point. 

The Sven Grass Green Loveseat brings an ethereal feeling to spaces of any size, making it the perfect addition to your cottagecore (or aspiring cottagecore) lifestyle. With charming maximalism a consistent theme in cottagecore spaces, it makes sense that you may need a more space-saving seating arrangement. However, any good cottagecorian knows that one never sacrifices style for function, which is why the plush green velvet of the Sven Loveseat is such a great choice. All your little woodland friends will love it, too. 

A green velvet loveseat sits next to a wood coffee table and black leather chair.

Ashley of Under the Sycamore creates a cozy, cottagecore-esque living space with the Sven Grass Green Velvet Loveseat.

The Best Loveseat for: Families 

Winner: Ceni Pyrite Gray Loveseat

Trying to find a seating option for a family with kids can be a challenge — especially when you have a small or awkwardly shaped space. While you may not immediately think of a loveseat as a feasible option, the Ceni is here to show you that anything is possible. 

The Ceni Loveseat features detachable cushion seats, backrests, and armrests so you can move things around if you need to make room for your growing family. Bonus: These also make great forts when the mood strikes.  

In addition to seating flexibility, the Ceni’s silhouette is nice and low to the ground. This means little ones can climb up and down with ease — and without your heart stopping any time they make a move. 

If you’re thinking well that’s all fine and dandy but my kids are going to absolutely DESTROY this loveseat, fear not. The Ceni is made from durable fabric that’s been given a Martindale rating of 40,000 rubs. A “heavy-duty use” Martindale rating is between 25,000 to 30,000, and the Ceni surpasses this by an additional 10,000. Your kids might very well still add some wear and tear to this loveseat, but at that point we’d simply be impressed.

A gray loveseat is shown in a room with white walls and black-framed windows.

With its removable cushions and sturdy, wooden base, the Ceni Loveseat stands up to your most rambunctious family members.

The Best Loveseat for: Sleepovers

Winner: Soma Midnight Blue Sofa Bed

While it doesn’t technically fall under the “loveseat” category, the Soma Sofa Bed packs both a comfortable bed and stylish couch into a more-compact-than-average package. Plus, we figure that if you’re looking for a small-space solution, a double-duty piece like the Soma is exactly what you’re searching for. 

Whether you’ve got guests that hit the mulled wine a little too hard, or a father-in-law that thinks all hotels are a rip-off, the Soma gives you the chance to rise in the “best host” rankings. 

A blue Sofa Bed Loveseat is shown made up with bedding.

The Soma Sofa Bed works double-duty as both a stylish loveseat and a comfy spot to sleep.

A small space hero, the loveseat adds seating where before there was none and comfort where it was once thought impossible. With our top loveseat picks, you can find the best loveseat for your space — no matter how small. Size isn’t everything, after all. 


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