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The Latest Trends In Modern Design & Decor

Whether it’s your “11 Hours Ocean Waves Nature Sound Relaxation Meditation,” the year 2020 so far, or something more practical like your home, sometimes you just need to hit that refresh button. You may love your home, but — just like love — occasionally you need to spice things up to keep that flame burning strong.

And hey, what’s better kindling than some new furniture? Wait, we should probably rephrase that. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to help you refresh your home, we’ve put together a selection of some of this year’s modern furniture design trends. On that note, the trends have mostly been…. organic. From natural materials to shapes and colors inspired by the outdoors, 2020’s palate is au naturale.

The Toulouse Dining Armchair, seen here appealing to a modern audience.

Wicker and Rattan

The rumours are true: Wicker and rattan are back. Although, to be honest, the two never really went anywhere. They may have been relegated to your grandma’s porch for a time, but your grandma has always been on the forefront of fashion. Remember when she waited in line for ten hours to cop a pair of Jordans?

Wicker (the process of weaving material together) and rattan (the material) bring their easy, laid-back style of comfort and sophistication to your backyard just as seamlessly as they do to your living room. That marriage of comfort and aesthetic is one of the driving home-design trends of 2020.

For a more in-depth look, we recently spoke to our in-house expert (and Director of Product Development) Zoe Garred, who had this to say about the duo’s resurgence. “Rattan and wicker furniture is rising in popularity because its vintage look and relaxed feel blend well with so many decor styles, from boho to mid-century… the classic style is being updated with innovative materials and fresh silhouettes to appeal to a modern audience.”

A glamor shot of the Teaka.

Patina Accents

Helen Mirren, that one actor from Mad Men, Idris Elba’s beard, teak furniture — the appeal of the silver fox transcends beyond even unnaturally attractive human beings.

As woods like teak age, they develop a natural patina accent — a silvering. It’s a particular look of sophistication that speaks to a quality solid-wood piece of modern outdoor furniture and its organic nature. Our Teaka Dining Table is particularly known for aging gracefully. Full-grain and aniline leather items, like sofas, can also develop rich, vintage patinas over time. The resident bad boy of our sofas, the Cigar, can attest.

To be clear, these signs of aging are indicators of distinction. Of a stylish life that’s been well lived. Pretty sure that’s why they call him Sir Patrick Stewart.

The Amoeba Coffee Table in colorful company.

Organic Shapes

To continue with the natural, easy-going nature of these 2020 design trends, we arrive at shape and structure. Pieces like our Corvos Modular Sofa are especially soft and rounded — like a sturdier cousin of the beanbag chair. Plus, due to their modular-ness, you can move their parts around into any formation you like. Pretty organic, right?

When it comes to our Amoeba Table collection, its name buries the lede, but these tables are stylish and have a retro feel that comes from its organic — you guessed it — amoeba-inspired shape.

This trend extends beyond furniture, too. Everything from blanket patterns to wall art is getting in on the organic, free-form trend. Looking to make a little DIY art to pass the time? We put out a how-to art print guide a little while ago — we may have been ahead of the (natural) curve.

A bold collection of Sveltis in the wild.

Bold Colors

Who does bold colors better than nature, amiright? Flowers? Sunsets? The aurora-dang-borealis?

Bring some of that pop into your own abode. Whether that’s giving your modern cabinets a makeover in classic blue, turning the guest room a captivating emerald green, flanking your dining table with begonia-orange Svelti Dining Chairs, or placing a new eye-catching highlight in your living room with the turmeric-colored Nebu Coffee Table. You’ve got plenty of (colorful) options. 

The fabric Sven, seen here with its furry pal, who’s also good for 100,000 (belly) rubs.

Performance Fabrics

Sure, having a piece of furniture in your home that looks nice is important, but is that nice-looking piece of furniture durable? Can it stand up to the rigor and relaxation of your daily life? You’d hope so. That’s why performance fabrics are trending — by design they’re resilient against anything from abrasion to stains, chemicals, and even being tossed in the wash.

Our fabric Sven collection scored a substantial 100,000 rubs on the Martindale Test (which gauges the durability of fabric by rubbing wool cloth on said fabric), making one of our favorites also one of our strongest.

In reality, performance fabric should be in vogue every year. Fingers crossed that this is the year it happens.

Bold colors, a patina-friendly Cigar sofa — this space is trending.

While listing “trends” in design is always a somewhat flawed exercise, since the bottom line is that your taste is the only taste that matters, hopefully we’ve been able to lend a hand in the inspiration department — and that whenever you’re ready to hit that refresh button on your space, we’ve been able to help make things click.

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