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The Modern Console Table: A Buyer’s Guide

While dining and coffee tables may get all the attention, the modern console table is an unsung design hero. It’s one of your home’s first impressions when new guests take their first step inside. It’s a buffet in a dining room, extra storage in a hallway, or a desk when you need to work from home without an office. It’s a bookcase, a shelf, or a media unit. Get the idea? Overall, it’s so much more than just another table.

Originating in 17th century French and Italian design, the table got its name from the way in which it was affixed to the wall with s-shaped brackets called “consoles”. Coincidentally, the word console means to “alleviate or lighten” which is an apt description for this narrow table. Read on to find out how a console table can help lighten things up in your home.

A brown wood and black metal console table, next to a white rug and brown bookcase.

Cubic and industrial, the Oscuro Console is the perfect doorman to hold your car keys and other various objects when you get home from a long day.


More than a spot to hang jackets and put away shoes, a thoughtful entrance is a hug that welcomes you home. The idea isn’t to design some grand foyer, but to optimize your space to its full potential. 

The Oscuro Console Table with its built-in walnut tray is a handy spot to set your keys, wallet, and mail. Tuck the Cilo Ottoman under the table and slip it out to take a seat when putting on your shoes. Make a small entryway feel larger by hanging the Meron Mirror over the Oscuro. Its intricate, woven detail doubles as a piece of art that also lets you have one last look to see if there’s anything stuck in your teeth before heading out. The Texa Runner in Fog Gray can act as a cozy runway while bringing the whole area together.

A wooden bookcase next to a white rug.

The Mysen Bookcase can work double duty as both a place to store your books, and let something bigger take center stage on top.

Center stage

Sofas have a reputation for being wallflowers. It’s not that they’re shy, there’s just a natural inclination to have them sit against the wall. A console table reinforces the sofa with purpose and confidence, helping it thrive in the middle of the room. Together they add separation to an open concept layout, and maximize a large space. The elegant carrera marble surface and curved matte black silhouette of the Lurno Console Table provides ample shelving to display art books and sculptural vases. It pairs perfectly with the regal aesthetic of the Raella Sofa, whose high back makes it an ideal candidate for an accompanying table (a rule of thumb is the console shouldn’t be higher than the back of the sofa). 

Not to be pigeonholed, a console table can look like a bookcase that moonlights as a media stand. Secure the open, paneled Mysen Bookcase to the wall and display an assortment of books and electronics. It’s a minimalist and multipurpose dream.

A wooden desk against a white wall with a white office chair.

A study buddy, an entryway station, or even a simple nightstand. The Valis Desk isn’t afraid to play multiple roles.


While it’s nice to skip the commute, working from home can present spatial challenges for those without a home office or spare room. The Valis Console Desk is small and stylish with rounded edges and tapered legs that make it easy to integrate into any room. Choose from an oak or walnut finish to suit your space and you’re ready to work from your bedroom, living room, or even hallway. Create a healthy (and clutter-free) work-life balance by stowing your laptop and supplies in either of the two drawers when you’re done for the day.

A brown wood console next to a gray rug.

The Kirun Console stands tall in any space, proudly showing off your swanky statement art piece.

Wine and dine

While the Kirun Console Table isn’t built for eating on, it does help out in a dining area. With a smaller footprint and minimal design, the Kirun doesn’t take up as much room as a traditional sideboard or buffet table, but still provides additional surface area for yummy side dishes and extra glassware. Rounded edges, slender, solid wood legs, and two shelves prove that, like brussels sprouts, some things are best served simply.  

In even the smallest of spaces, the Boden Bar Cart tucks into a corner and can be wheeled to the living room or patio when it’s time to entertain. The sleek, white frame with a teak handle looks cute and keeps you prepared for an impromptu party. From an old-fashioned evening in, to pizza night with negronis, to any old excuse for margarita time, you’re ready to roll.


Like a good friend, a console table gives you what you need, wherever and whenever you need it. It changes with us as we grow into new spaces. Today’s media unit could be tomorrow’s entryway table or buffet. You might not know what your future home looks like, but you can depend on the versatility of your console table. 

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