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The Wonders of Wicker Chairs: A Buyer’s Guide

A wicker chair exudes a comfortable lightness. Simply put, there’s a natural warmth that the boho-inspired material brings to your space. Popular in the 60s and 70s with an outdoor resurgence in the 90s, wicker furniture has shed its hippy and sunroom associations, evolving in shape, style, and material. 

With today’s wicker, anything goes. Indoor, outdoor, and hey, why not both? Lightweight by design, wicker can easily be moved from space to space, which is especially helpful as it’s recommended to store wicker inside during cold and rainy months to extend its longevity. 

From dining to lounging, there’s a wide variety of wicker chairs to choose from. Follow along to find the right style of wicker for your home.


Wicker and rattan are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t the same. Rattan is a strong and durable vine, similar to bamboo. Wicker is a method of weaving, and while it can be made of rattan, it can also be made of other materials. A helpful distinction, since rattan is susceptible to mildew and should be placed inside or on a covered patio. Synthetic wicker is much more durable for the outdoors. Intricately constructed, both rattan and wicker chairs are an investment in good design that elevates your space, indoors or outdoors.

Brown wicker lounge chair on an outdoor patio

Poolside lounging never felt this sturdy and stylish thanks to the Calova Lounge Chair.

Modern Boho

Inspired by travel, modern boho is eclectic and vibrant. It’s a style that inspires a pitcher of sangria on a Tuesday afternoon. Wicker chairs often embody the natural uniqueness that boho has become known for. The Daisy Lounge Chair, for instance, proves that flower power has stepped comfortably into modern times. Made of authentic rattan with a sturdy steel base, the Daisy adds sophisticated whimsy (yes, that’s a thing) to any living room or covered patio. While we don’t recommend keeping it outside, it’s certainly invited to make a stylish cameo at your garden party.

Brown wicker lounge chair on a gray carpet next to a white side table

Fresh as a…. well, you get the picture. The Daisy Lounge Chair blooms in any space thanks to its unique design and durable synthetic binding.

The laid back Calova Lounger welcomes you to relax with its naturally curved frame that’s made of resin wicker with solid acacia legs. Its tropical vibe blurs the lines between vacation and backyard, so wherever you are, you never want to leave. Hot tip: make a cool evening cozier by draping the Lanna Sheepskin Throw over the seat. 

If boho met industrial at a sleek yet cozy dinner party, the Aeri Dining Chair would be the guest of honor. Its modern silhouette with powder-coated metal legs is juxtaposed against a matte resin wicker frame and topped with comfy Slate Gray cushions. It’s the VIC (Very Important Chair) of comfort and style.

Brown wicker and gray fabric lounge chair on a gray carpet, next to wood side tables.

Boxy and spacious, but wonderfully light for moving, the Capra Lounge Chair is the perfect outdoor companion for those wanting to introduce more wicker to a space.

Bold and Boxy

With a twisted weave, the faux banana leaf wicker frame of the Capra has the more traditional, boxy shape that outdoor wicker furniture is known for. But sitting directly on the floor, its low profile feels much more chunky, grounded, and just generally cool. A lounge chair with the understated confidence of an oversized sun hat, the Capra’s relaxed vibe encourages you to chill.

Loosen up with the less conventional, bold weave of the Teaka Lounge Chair. Resin wicker is woven onto a solid, untreated teak frame and comes with a comfy cushion, so you can survey the day comfortably from your porch. Create a lovely symmetry by buying as a pair. Plus, a cozy spot to sit and catch up with a friend.

Brown wood and wicker dining chair with cushion seating next to a wooden outdoor patio table.

The 100% teak base is the star of the Teaka Lounge Chair, but don’t forget it’s simple but stylish wicker seat and backrest.

Dinner is served. Settle into the curved armrests and inviting cushions of the sleekest version of a classic faux wicker dining chair. Like the Capra, the boxiness of the Tody feels familiar, but its elevated design is modern and fresh with the crisscrossed powder-coated steel frame. Feel fancy without ever leaving your own backyard.

Red wicker dining chair next to an outdoor patio table.

With its scooped, comfortable shape, the Selka Dining Chair wicker frame promises a relaxed outdoor dining experience.

Simple Pleasures

Wicker is often associated with a larger-than-life personality. But not to be typecast, it also has a simpler side. Available in four colors, the Selka Dining Chair has a soft, scooped chaise made from synthetic wicker. It’s a comfy seat that shows how striking simple can be. 

Synthetic wicker takes on the classically woven, fisheye cane pattern in the Notata Lounge Chair, adding a romantic touch to the mid-century modern angles. Made of solid acacia wood and topped with a soft cushion, its compact size is ideal for a balcony, so you can easily slip outside and lounge in your robe. 

Soothe yourself after a long day with the lull of the Beltaine Rocking Chair. A molded chaise made of synthetic wicker makes this simple design as comfortable as it is calming. Sway into the evening, listening to a soulful playlist and sipping your nightcap of choice.

Rock ‘n’ roll, baby. The Beltaine Rocking Chair‘s durable synthetic wicker frame makes for peaceful evenings of contemplation on the deck.

Take Care

Wicker furniture helps create an airy escape in your backyard, infusing it with texture and personality. Meanwhile, proper care is still essential to ensure your oasis doesn’t fade away. While synthetic wicker is durable, you’ll want to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Extensive UV rays can cause discoloration, so a cover like the Lemtov is an easy way to protect it during off hours. 

It’s also important to clean regularly throughout the warmer seasons and store it inside during the colder months. Luckily modern wicker furniture is a style chameleon that feels right at home in your living room too. You’ll enjoy the feeling of summer, all year round.

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