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Wood coffee table in a warm, white living room.

Think Outside the Box: A Guide to Modern Round Coffee Tables

When choosing a modern coffee table, it’s easy to default to square or rectangle. Look beyond four corners. The round coffee table is no longer reserved for small apartments, in fact, it takes up space and looks darn good doing so. Visually engaging and versatile, its welcoming shape will become instant friends with the rest of your furniture. Read on to learn more about our love for round coffee tables and find a style that fits your living room and lifestyle.

Modern Round Coffee Tables made Easy

A good fit for a coffee table is no more than ⅔ the length of your sofa. Anything larger could overwhelm your furniture — or your space. If you have a sectional, don’t include the chaise in this measurement, as you’ll center the table in front of the main area.

The nude acacia wood of the Nivos Coffee Table is a lovely match for the Quartz White Abisko Sectional. Proportional and grounded with a neutral palette, the soft shape of the coffee table is the perfect complement for the angular sofa. 

A light brown coffee table between a gray couch and white comfy chair.

Made from adorned acacia wood, the Nivos Coffee Table sits snugly by your comfiest pieces.

Don’t forget about height. You’ll want to choose something that is close to the height of the seated cushions or a couple of inches below. The lounge-worthy Solae Sofa has a lower profile and pairs well with a shorter table. We love the Toba with its criss-cross aluminum bottom. The sustainably sourced teak surface of the table and the Italian-tan leather of the sofa feel like a match made in tactile heaven.

Wood and aluminum coffee table next to a brown leather couch.

Sitting pretty in either your living room, outdoor patio, or in @makingmanzanita‘s gorgeous space, the Toba Coffee Table is comfortable in any setting.

Mix Up Modern Decor

Give your coffee table space to breathe, ensuring it doesn’t feel crowded by placing too close to your sofa or entertainment center. A perimeter of at least 10”-12” will ensure seamless navigation and save you or your guests from knocking a glass off the table. 

Nice Stems

To add interest to your space, consider how design details, such as table and sofa legs, complement and contrast each other. Balance the slim metal legs of the Nova Sofa with something sturdy and sculptural. The industrial and stylish Equa is made of lightweight black powder-coated steel, making it easy to move around. Or go for Scadi-glam, the Tromso combines a gorgeous carrera marble top with a wide, tapered brass steel base. 


Wood is among the most popular materials for a coffee table, beloved for its versatility and durability. The Amoeba Coffee Table is a mid-century modern classic. Updated from traditional teak to American Black Walnut, it brings 1950s sophistication to a contemporary space. 

Brown wood coffee table on a white rug, next to a dark gray sofa.

Dark, sleek, and modern, the Amoeba Coffee Table doesn’t need much to smoothly blend in with your living space.

But wood is far from the only option. Play with texture. A glass-topped coffee table adds an airiness to your space, making it feel bigger. The transparent Clarus achieves this while also elegantly showing off its unique walnut legs. Or throw a little shade with the smoldering Vitri, combining a tempered smoke-glass top on a metal frame with a veneered walnut shelf.

Marble coffee table in a white living room.

The elegant Mara Coffee Table (sitting pretty in @thismodernstyle‘s space) looks good with anything: a statement art piece, your current book collection, or your morning cup of coffee.

Carrerra marble is a classic choice, elevating your living room with its natural beauty and making the Mara Coffee Table a perennial favourite. Don’t be deceived by its compact size, it’s destined to be the star in any space.


Two rounds do make a right. If you find that your living room is looking a bit sparse or you need more room for your collection of coffee table books, we’ve got your surface needs covered. It’s all about nesting. 

Stylish and functional, nearly all the round coffee tables have matching side tables that fit together perfectly. The minimalist feel of the Mara, Amoeba, and Nivos make them ideal for nesting. Tuck the coffee table under the side table to get the desired effect. You can also mix and match with different materials. The Mara Side Table with its walnut legs and marble top nests gorgeously with the Amoeba Coffee Table.

Little Ones

Corners on a coffee table can be a minefield when you have children. You’re one wrong step away from a stumble. A round option makes it easier for kids to be kids while still maintaining style. Glass-top coffee tables might not be the most practical choice, tiny fingerprints are way less cute when they’re smeared all over the surface. But the marble surface and coarse black base of the Tromso Coffee Table can help hide those sticky smudges.

Brown leather ottoman next to a white modular sofa.

A comfy footrest or a plush table to place your things? The Timpani Ottoman, seated snugly in @jamielee_designs‘ home, is whatever you need it to be.

Your coffee table doesn’t even need to be a table, the Timpani Ottoman is a multipurpose solution that will cushion accidental blows. The stylish tufted, Italian-tanned leather not only looks great but is also a cozy spot to put up your feet after the kiddos have gone to bed.

Full Circle

A round shape is warm and inviting — which is a nice sentiment to place in the center of your living room. We think your sofa would agree. In fact, your whole family and all the furniture will want to gather around and be charmed by the newest addition to your home.

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