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Wooden Bed Frames: A Buyer’s Guide

With timeless designs and high quality materials, a wooden bed frame is a solid investment into countless good night sleeps. There’s also something about the clean lines of a wooden bed that compels you to fold your sheets into hospital corners, smooth your duvet, and fluff your decorative velvet pillows (like the Lucca). Available in both king and queen sizes, read on to learn about different types of bed frame styles to suit your needs. 

A brown walnut bedframe in a modern bedroom

The Basi Walnut Bed Frame sits low to the floor, giving a look similar to sleeping on the fluffiest of clouds.


Stylishly simple and understated, the Basi Bed doesn’t need a headboard. It’s set low so you feel grounded as you drift into dreamland. This floating bed frame is made of the highest quality walnut veneer with tapered, solid wood legs. It’s a sturdy choice whose understated beauty enhances a dramatic wall. Place it under a window, alongside snazzy wallpaper, or against textured paneling. 

Or, you could unwind for the night with the Nera Bed Frame. Swap endless swiping on Tinder for the latest romance novella, thanks to the built-in nightstand. It has a drawer with cord cut outs, letting your device charge and kept it out of sight, minimizing the sleep-disturbing blue light. This low profile bed adds a rich texture to the room with a subtle chevron walnut grain pattern. Easy to assemble, the headboard connects to the frame and is supported by two powder-coated steel legs.

Feel decadent as you crawl into the Lenia Panel Bed. From the concealed joinery to the tall, tapered legs, and to the paneled headboard, it’s these intricate design touches that make this bed so beloved. Leave your pajamas on the floor? You wouldn’t dream of it. Stow things stylishly, save space, and keep your bedroom free of clutter with the matching Lenia Walnut Underbed Drawers

A brown oak bed frame in a modern bedroom

The Lenia Oak King Bed goes above and beyond when it comes to comfort, boasting a plush, upholstered headboard option. It’s what dreams are made of.


For a simple Scandinavian feel, the Basi Bed is also available in Oak. The floating bed in its lightest stain is a perfect fit for the most modern minimalist. Slip the Texa Vanilla Ivory Rug underneath and sink further into your calming sanctuary. Feeling zen? The calming colors may inspire you to get a few minutes of meditation each morning. 

You may be more of a headboard person. We understand the appeal of propping yourself up to read. With a stylish oak tambour, the Kouva Headboard is the perfect match for the Basi and attaches easily while also being secured to the wall. Bookended shelves provide extra storage, a place to put your nightly glass of water, and discreet cord cut outs — ideal for your dreaded but oh-so-important alarm clock.

Mix and match. The Lenia is also available with a Rain Cloud Gray upholstered headboard, so you get the best of both worlds. Solid oak spindles, a sleek silhouette, concealed joinery, plus a soft spot to lean back and finally write that screenplay you’ve been thinking about. Did you know Mindy Kaling does all her writing in bed? Just saying.

A black ash bed frame in a modern bedroom with a white rug

It’s all about finding the perfect mix. The Lenia Black Ash Bed gives the room a little bit of a darker vibe, contrasting the lighter colors nicely.


With its spindle headboard, the Lenia in American Black Ash is a fresh take on a timeless design. Place the modernist Leap Sconce Lamp on either side of the bed, as its curved arm swivels and provides soft light for reading. A nod to the nostalgia, fold Grandma’s handmade quilt and lay it across the foot of the bed for a personal touch. 

A brown walnut bed frame with nightstand drawers on a gray rug

Sporting style and storage, the Nera Walnut Bed with Nightstands makes your bedroom the ultimate oasis of comfort.

Sleep Better

By investing in a solid bed frame, you’re giving yourself 10 years of guaranteed sweet snoozes and the promise of a clutter-free space. Be the well-rested person who makes their bed every day. And who knows what other good habits you might adopt along the way?  

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