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Coffee & Accent Tables

Coffee & Accent Tables

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Picture this: you’re sitting outside to get a bit of fresh air with your morning coffee. While you’re at it, you think you’ll read a couple chapters of your book. Tranquil, isn’t it? The book’s a hardcover (ugh), so you kind of need both hands. Lost in the plot, you go to turn the page and your coffee crashes to the ground. Your book? Soaked in Americano. Your day? Not exactly off to a great start. And this, friends, is why we have modern outdoor coffee tables.

In every living space, indoor or outdoor, coffee and side tables really are nothing short of essential. They’re an inviting place to rest a drink or snack, keeping them within reach and your guests comfortable. And in the warmer months, this is especially important for outdoor spaces, where the drinks are flowing and the condensation levels are at an all time high.