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Lounge around with an Outdoor Sectional

The living room has officially moved outside for the summer. But before you start rolling up your sleeves, keep your regular sofa right where it is. Fortunately, weather-resistant furniture has grown up and provides a beautiful aesthetic that is thoughtfully designed to thrive in warm temperatures.

Create your own outdoor oasis and patio season will be so much more than the occasional happy hour. Start with the cornerstone of comfort, an outdoor sectional. It’s a multi-purpose piece that will keep you returning to the great outdoors all summer long. Now tuck in as we explore the best options for your lounging needs. 

The Solo Lounge

Mornings are for you and your coffee. The Ora, a truely modular outdoor sofa, will encourage you to get up early to enjoy that cherished alone time. Get lost in the latest Sally Rooney novel as you nestle in the comfort of the Ora’s plush pillows. With a Slate Gray resin wicker frame and sleek acacia legs, it’s a stylish choice for your patio. No need to go inside for another cup when you can place your french press on the matching Ora Coffee Table. It’s also conveniently available in a set with the sectional. 

Red outdoor sectional sofa beside a pool with a wooden coffee table.

The Corvos Modular Sectional comes in a gorgeous Saffron Red color, matching perfectly with those hot summer sunsets.

The Sun Soaker

The best combo for a hot summer afternoon? A dip in the pool, followed immediately with a relaxing snooze on the super cushiony Corvos. With its oversized frame, there’s room for all your friends to lounge out and enjoy the softness of the brushed upholstery. Its modular and lightweight style means you can easily rearrange to suit your needs. Getting a little too much vitamin D? Pair it with the Paras Umbrella for some extra shade.

Gray outdoor sectional sofa with a wood coffee table

The Urba Sectional‘s low profile makes it ideal for poolside gossip.

The Nest

Stargaze with your sweetheart on a warm summer night. The Urba Beach Sand Sectional has a chaise lounge that is cozy for two. Comfy cushions fit snugly in the solid acacia and resin wicker frame, and its low profile encourages you to put your feet up and relax. The handsome Hendry Side Table with its durable design would be a wonderful companion to place a bottle of wine, some dark chocolate, and a portable speaker. Make it a date night in, but outside.

Gray outdoor sectional sofa on a white rug with a wood coffee table.

The Lubek Sectional‘s wide open arms welcome any outdoor lounger, anytime.

The Family Lounger

Whether you’re gathering around for a game of Scrabble or enjoying story time outside, the family-size Lubek Sectional ensures there’s room for everyone. Its soft seating and solid acacia base are close to the ground, which, if you have a toddler, is easier for them to get up and down as they repeatedly say “Lemme do it”. The Lubek Sectional Set comes with a matching square coffee table so you can always have your snacks at arm’s length.

Gray and wicker sectional sofas in an outdoor patio, with a gray rug and wood coffee table.

The Capra Sectional sits pretty in its twisted wicker frame, and its weather-resistant pillows provide easy outdoor living.

The Group Hang

You’ve finished your al fresco meal with your closest friends, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to retreat inside. Digestifs in hand, the party moves to the Capra Sectional to continue the conversation and let the evening unwind. Its L-shape formation makes it ideal to fit around an outdoor fireplace for late night chats. The sturdy but lightweight resin wicker frame is modular, so you can pull apart if needed, too. Still looking for some extra additions? The Redondo Area Rug instantly creates a cozy living room feel in your backyard. Add even more ambiance with the soft, diffused light of the Bori Lanterns. From comfy cushions to good company, you’ll never want the night to end. 

rattan wood lanterns

It’s all about mood lighting, and the glowing hue of the Bori Lanterns will transport you to dreamy summer nights.

There are a few ways to keep your outdoor living area looking fresh. The Lemtov Covers come in a number of different sizes and will protect your furniture from harsh sun, light rain, and morning dew. Avoid stains and water damage by wiping down your furniture and washing with mild detergent. Acacia wood in particular develops a natural patina and is to be expected. Most importantly, to maintain the longevity of each piece, it’s essential to store indoors during the colder and rainier months.  

However you like to lounge, make time for it when the weather warms up. It’s more than just having a comfortable place to sit outside. It’s about making space to connect with yourself, your family, your friends, and the outdoors. Fill your cup with what makes you feel good, and while you’re at it, something cold and refreshing too. Clink!

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