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Brit Arnesen of @britdotdesign sits in her modern eclectic living room

A Guide to Modern Eclectic Style with @britdotdesign

Like reality TV or natural wine, the modern eclectic look is often misunderstood. The word “eclectic” might conjure up images of beaded curtains or a clashing color palette, but the reality of this easy-to-love and increasingly popular style couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

To show you exactly how to incorporate the modern eclectic look into your space, we chatted with Brit Arnesen of @britdotdesign. While we get that the idea of eclectic style can be daunting, Brit knows a thing or two about mixing and matching to design perfection. You’re in excellent hands. 

Keep reading for Brit’s expert tips and tricks that’ll give you a space that’s not only very cool, but one that shows off your vibrant personality. We love to see it. 

Brit’s living space features rounded shapes like the leather tufted Texada Sofa, with pops of color from the Lanna Pillow.

So, what is “modern eclectic” style? 

Drawing inspiration from ’80s maximalism (without the leg warmers, we promise!) this look embraces an eclectic feel in an approachable way.  “It’s kind of like a fresh take on postmodernism,” Brit explains. “Think the best of the ’80s, but more organic with pieces mixed in from other eras.” 

How can someone add elements of this style into a neutral or minimalist space? 

While this look embraces a ~funkier~ ethos, this doesn’t mean you have to go full-steam ahead with wild patterns and every color of the rainbow (unless that’s your style, in which case we say go for it!). 

As Brit explains, “If you’re looking to avoid color altogether, you can always focus on incorporating curvy shapes and rounded silhouettes in neutral hues (like the Texada Sofa). Or, if you’re open to a bit of color, you could add a modern throw pillow or two to your otherwise neutral palette, which is what I like to do. I also think that using a variety of textures or adding a single geometric pattern can help one to layer on another element without it feeling too over-the-top.” 

Simple, modern elements allow you to bring your favorite features of this style into your space without the total commitment. 

Article's Texada Sofa is featured in Brit Arnesen's living room.
Brit’s Texada Sofa and Tromso Side Table prove that mixing unique materials and styles can be a design dream.

What’s the number-one rule of the modern eclectic look? 

The main rule? There are no rules! “It’s less about rules and more about mixing and matching,” Brit says. “This could mean pieces from different eras, styles, silhouettes, materials, or colors.”

The modern eclectic look says goodbye to any kind of cookie cutter style, instead focusing on creating a look that’s exclusive to you, your personality, and your home. 

The Lenia White Oak Bed and Dresser are featured alongside a gallery wall.
Subtle touches like the curved handles of the Lenia White Oak Dresser and the shaker spindles on the Lenia Bed let you bring elements of modern eclectic style into your space.

What are your favorite “eclectic” ways to add personality to a space?

When it comes to adding personality and life to a space, elements of the modern eclectic look are a natural fit, says Brit. 

“I love to mix in unique shapes (rounded, arched, curvy, channel-tufted), vintage pieces, whimsical floral arrangements, and pops of pastels. You really can’t go wrong with any of these!” she explains. 

“I am also a big fan of blending different materials as a way to add personality and visual interest. Velvet, bouclé, brass, and hand-painted ceramics are all welcome additions to a neutral space and palette.” 

The quiet beauty of Brit’s Lenia White Oak Bed is accented by the Lucca Blush Pillow Set.

Any tips for mixing vintage pieces with new finds? 

The modern eclectic look encourages a dynamic blend of antiqued, vintage pieces with newer and contemporary styles. To ensure your space is multidimensional, you always want to mix and match purely based on pieces you truly love. 

“I think almost anything goes when it comes to mixing in vintage,” Brit says. “As long as the piece speaks to you, vintage always adds character and soul to a space.”

“The modern eclectic look naturally speaks to me and my aesthetic. But the really beautiful thing about it is that there are small ways anyone can add elements of this look to their space, no matter the shape, size, or overall style.”

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