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Survey: 70% Of People Spend Their Perfect Night On Their Sofa

We launched a survey of 2,000 Americans in conjunction with OnePoll to see how and where people are spending their time indoors. The survey found the average American has spent an additional two hours a day sitting on their sofa since March — totaling 448 hours in the past 32 weeks.

70% of respondents say their perfect night in involves spending time in the living room and on their sofa. When asked about how they’re spending their time indoors, we noticed that Americans are relaxing in front of the TV, ordering takeout meals, or recreating their favorite foods in their kitchen.

How are respondents spending their time indoors: 

42% — Ordering takeout on the sofa  

39% — Stretching their culinary skills by preparing home-cooked meals 

35% — Binge-watching a TV series 

35% — Playing board games 

32% — Catching up with a good book 

For the social butterflies out there, a further 28% are planning socially distant get-togethers with friends, with 32% opting for virtual hangs

The Para Counter Stool is a stylish spot for someone to watch you try (and maybe even succeed at!) a new recipe.

Work-Life Balance

What about those working from home? While a lucky few have a dedicated office space, 61% say they use their sofa as their primary place to work, and conduct work emails daily. If you’re like our respondents and feeling challenged by the lack of dedicated work space, desks that double as bookshelves and multi-purpose seating can help you easily create a beautiful modern workspace without compromising your square footage. 

Sofa, So Good

With people spending more time on their sofas than ever before, it’s no surprise that seven in ten polled say their sofa has become their best friend. Fifty-seven percent of those polled say their sofa has been around for all their significant memories. 

Our furniture is with us through the good and bad, so moving on from them can be emotionally stressful. Two in five say they’d be sad to part with their bed, while 36% say it’d pain them to throw their sofa to the curb. Another 26% would be heartbroken to part with their favorite mid-century lounge chair

Top pieces of furniture that it would pain people to part ways with: 

  1. Bed
  2. Sofa
  3. Lounge chair
  4. Coffee table
  5. Home office furniture

“With more time being spent indoors and at home in the last few months, we’ve seen a surge in people wanting to create beautiful modern spaces,” said Nicole Hunt, Product Development Manager at Article. “The survey revealed people are spending hundreds of additional hours on their couch, and our goal is to make it easy for people to find a comfortable, affordable sofa — all from the comfort of their living room,” added Hunt.

Investing in Quality Modern Furniture

With the average sofa being seven years old, it’s no wonder people are so attached to their living room staple. Sadly, over half (51%) feel prisoner to their sofa because it’s so expensive to buy a new one.

“Since we spend so much of our time on our sofas, it’s important to invest in one that is not only comfortable and stylish, but is constructed with high-quality materials and designed to last,” said Hunt.

Whether you’re shopping online or in store, it’s always a good idea to invest in a quality sofa that’s designed to last. Article’s DTC model makes it easy for customers to find high-quality products at great prices, so finding an affordable sofa that checks all the boxes can be done from the comfort of your living room.

Modern Sofa Shopping 101

Have you ever scrolled endless product pages searching for the perfect velvet sofa only to realize that you’re unsure of what makes a “good” sofa? You’re not alone. There are a few simple things to look for to ensure your dream sofa is designed to stand the test of time. 

To start, look for keywords in the product description that show product quality, like a corner-blocked frame, which is a piece of wood at a sofa’s joints to help improve structural stability, or Pirelli webbing, a rubber support suspension used in sofas.  

When it comes to upholstery, Martindale rub-test results are a good indicator of fabric quality. The rub test simulates the natural wear of the sofa, so you want to choose something that can withstand 25,000 rubs or more. 

If you’re unsure of how that deep blue velvet fabric or soft tan leather will look and feel in your space, request fabric swatches. They’re a great way to tell the quality of the material and how it will compare to existing pieces in your room. 

Most importantly, do your research. Customer product reviews will give you a better understanding of product quality and overall comfort from people who have purchased and live with the piece. Social media can also be a great source of information and inspiration: It’s easier than ever to find images, product reviews and decor inspiration while you’re browsing through your social feeds

When in doubt, get in touch with the retailer’s customer service team. Great customer care teams should be able to share thoughtful, detailed feedback on the modern sofa you have in mind.

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