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Best Outdoor Furniture for a Small Backyard

We all cherish our greenspace, even if it’s a bit small. Those backyard bocce games on a thin — but immaculately maintained — strip of turf. The lawnmower’s route a one-way track. That trampoline the kids begged for now annexing the whole of it. But even if your backyard is small, you can make big things happen in it with the right modern furniture. 

We’re talking about stylish and comfy, mid century sofas and loveseats, space-conscious tables made from a variety of durable and gorgeous materials, relaxed and elegantly designed chairs to go around ‘em, and decor items that’ll help make your yard feel full in the best of ways. Continue on to learn more about the pieces we think will make your outdoor space… as spacious as possible.

The Kotelu, seen here being comfortable and taking up little space.


Let’s start with the crux of the lounging experience. Outdoor sofas like the easygoing Kotelu, the beach vibes of the Onya, and the max-comfort-level-attained status of the Ora, are where you’re likely to spend most of your dedicated Outdoor Lounge TimeTM this summer. From afternoon naps, well earned post-work beverages, to the hub of your backyard get-togethers — get ready to make your backside well known to the cushions on these contemporary outdoor sofas

While these pieces do a whole lot with the modest room they take up, it’s also important to take into account that they still do take up a significant chunk of your space. So if you want a yard that’s geared more towards lounging, a sofa in tandem with a coffee or side table might be the solution. But if you’ve got a lush garden that already commands a lot of green space or want to save a portion of lawn to practice your cartwheels, a simple lounge chair or two might be a better fit.

Small outdoor space? The Latta Bar Table does not seemed concerned.


Yes, summer, we missed you. We want to spend all of our time with you. That includes our meals, board game nights, and gossip sessions with our pals where we’re able to feel the breeze through our hair as we dish. The best host for all that in a smaller backyard is a good, appropriately sized outdoor table.
If you’re looking to create a full-fledged dining space, something like the solid-acacia topped Calliope is a good choice for laid back, round-table vibes that work as well for alfresco dinners as they do a flat surface for building that tricky dalmatian puzzle. For those who need to be extra economical with space, a piece like the lithe Latta Bar Table will fit right into whatever room you have left on your modern patio and can be tucked away neatly when not in use.

Look at this cat and its glowing, furry endorsement of the Aeri. Photo: Home With Krissy


Now is the perfect time to bask like a spoiled housecat in the sun’s gracious, golden warmth. To help bring your lounging to the next level, you’ll need seats that’ll maximize your comfort and yard space. 

For porch-sized pursuits, grab a book and pull up a lounge chair with the enveloping comfort of the Aeri. Do you love to entertain but don’t have room for an outdoor sofa? A few lounge chairs, like the boho-chic Daisy, are a good alternative, bring a strong aesthetic value, and allow you more versatility in how you arrange them. If you’re really looking to sink in with a group of like-minded loungers and have a bit more room at your disposal, the Arca Lounge Chair is here with open, solid teak arms.

Day, night — keep it bright with the Vezda Lantern.


From the Mona Lisa’s slight smirk to the speckles on a starling — it’s the little details that really add definition. The same principle applies to styling your backyard, too. See decor as the finishing touch. From pieces like the Vezda Lantern that’ll keep things bright late into the night, outdoor rugs that add a dash of comfort to those bare toes and help accentuate the personal style of your patio like the Arroyo, to lovely terrazzo planters like the Tuva that’ll add bright pops of color to all corners of your yard. These seemingly minor pieces can play a big role in fleshing out your small space. 

That patch of grass, no matter how big, is yours. We hope we can help you make the most of it.

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