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Welcome to the Boho Club: Modern Ideas for Your Home

Characterized by an eclectic mix of natural materials, artisanal textures, and bold graphics, modern bohemian style (or boho style) captures a carefree spirit inspired by travel, nature, and artistic freedom. In a boho space, even the most random items — your macrame wall hanging, your collection of cassette tapes, that ukulele you have yet to learn to play — seem to work together.

With so many ways to approach this “(almost) anything goes” aesthetic, it’s easy to feel a little lost. But don’t worry, you know we got you. Read on for a selection of boho-inspired pieces to help you bring a sense of wanderlust into your home.


To create a bohemian living room that looks and feels calm, cool, and — most importantly — effortless, consider diversifying materials and textures to keep things modern. This means opting for individual items in lieu of matchy-matchy sets for a more personalized look. You don’t want your grandma’s retirement home calling to ask for their wicker porch set back, do you?

Crafted from a durable oak wood frame with a natural stained radio net rattan back, the Olalla Daybed keeps it cute, easy, and breezy. The feather-filled seat cushion gives you the support you need to get through your book’s final chapters, while the moveable pillow allows you to play around with the configuration. Bring in additional seating, like the Bamba Pouf or the ‘60s-inspired Daisy Lounge Chair, to create the ultimate boho-chic setup.

The natural wicker-wrapped metal base and tempered glass top of the Catta Coffee Table come together to create an airy spot to set your matcha chai latte while you journal in the morning. Hosting a tarot reading slumber party later? Light up the palo santo, bring out the crystals, and grab a few Ren Poufs so your friends can huddle around. We don’t know what the future holds, but great energy and great style are definitely in the cards.


When creating a cozy boho ambiance, investing in the right rug is key. Bursting with worldly character, the Zakra Rug will have your guests taking bets on how many passport stamps you’ve collected so far. Let them keep guessing… They’ll never know that you haven’t left the country in years. Offered in two rich colorways — warm Sahara and cool Oasis — this statement piece is hand-knotted into an elaborate design. Let it take center stage by styling it with more quiet furnishings, or go full maximalist with complementary patterns and colors.

If you want to turn up the volume on pattern and texture but keep it muted with the palette, this next style is for you. With its faded color scheme, ornate hand-woven motif, and fringed edges — boho and fringe kind of go hand-in-hand — the Tida Rug sings in harmony with almost any room. It’ll be a soft spot for your feet to two-step on while your vintage records spin in the background.

Dealing with a room in dire need of a focal point? We have a “guy” for that, and his name is the Oma Rug. Intricately hand-woven from jute, this unconventional area rug’s boho charm lies in its organic circular shape and abundance of texture. Place it in the dining room to echo the curves of your large round table, or use it to soften the hard edges of a cookie-cutter room layout. Don’t get too jealous when everyone keeps asking about Oma. He kind of has that effect on people.


Does the thought of a full-blown boho overhaul have you clutching your white pearls and white sofa? Maybe easing into it with small fixtures and soft furnishings is the way to go. Jazz up your gray living room sofa or linen bedspread by tossing on a few embroidered Stitch Pillows for a touch of whimsy. While you’re at it — free-throwing things on furniture like you’re LeBron James — layer a Lanna Sheepskin Throw on the edge of the bed to create a bohemian sanctuary you’ll happily retreat to every night.

Available in a small and large format, the Suru Pendant Lamp lightens up the mood while bringing a vacation vibe to your home, no matter where it hangs. Suspend it over your dining room table to highlight your mismatched dinnerware (and that tasty chicken tikka masala takeout you’ll pass off as homemade), or use it to elevate your entryway decor for the warmest bo-homecoming.


A modern bohemian home is meant to reflect your personality and tell your story. Use vertical open shelving like our Fantol Bookcase to proudly display all the sentimental objects you’ve collected over the years — from your one-of-a-kind flea market finds and travel mementos, to your ever-growing collection of empty hot sauce bottles. Make sure to leave room for your freshly propagated plant babies, doodle art, and framed family photos. The only rule of Boho Club is: there are no rules in Boho Club. So let your space be as offbeat, eclectic, and perfectly imperfect as you want it to be.

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