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Bright Ideas for Better Modern Lighting

Great lighting transforms a space. Functional, but also core to a home’s aesthetic, thoughtful lighting catapults a nice space into a stunning one. Read on to learn about our favorite ways to elevate a space with lighting.

Modern Task Lighting

A black lamp lighting a white desk with plants, a picture, and a cup.

Thanks to its easily adjustable shade, the Leap Table Lamp is the perfect companion for late night work or cozy reading time.

Let’s start with the most functional aspect of lighting. Think about how you navigate and use each room. Task lighting serves these distinct needs, often pointing down to spotlight the space to illuminate the task at hand. 

Pendant Lamps

Streamline light and design by replacing recessed lighting above your kitchen island with a hanging pendant. Suspended by a fabric-wrapped cord, the slender powder-metal shade and brass body of the Tangent Pendant works well centered on its own or enjoy the uniformity with a set of three

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps in your living room make an artistic statement and are wonderful for reading or illuminating a friendly/competitive game of cribbage. The Leap Floor Lamp provides the perfect mix of style and function with mid-century modern curves and an adjustable shade. Or literally get down to brass tacks by adding subtle shine with the Lissom Floor Lamp, its light silhouette grounded by a striking, solid marble base.

Table Lamps

Green and gold table lamp shining light on a piece of art and a wood table.

Adjustable, small, and social, the Fila Table Lamp can fit in just about anywhere.

If you’re working from home, a well lit desk can make a world of difference. Proper lighting will help you stay focused and alert. Spruce up your workspace with the Torch Table Lamp. Its sleek shape and small footprint won’t take up too much real estate and the mixed matte metal and brass finishes add a fanciful touch.


A gold brass lamp on a wooden bedside table.

The ultimate mood-setter, the Perforate Table Lamp shines a twinkly ambiance in the space of your choosing.

Lighting sets the mood. A party maker-or-breaker, ambient lighting is just as important for your day-to-day. It begs the question, how do you want to feel in each room? The beauty of ambiance is that it’s not constant, you can change based on the occasion or time of day. 

A beacon of style with its marble base and golden finish, the frosted orb on the Pendula Floor Lamp diffuses a soft glow in a living room or bedroom, adding coziness with the flick of a switch. Bounce off the ceiling and make your room feel bigger by casting light upwards with the brass sophistication of the Barbell Floor Lamp: its sleek shape shines even when turned off.

Create an intimate dining experience with a statement pendant. Available in small and large, the stylish rattan Suru Pendant illuminates your table and your guests, setting the scene for a magical meal. 

Keep your outdoor party going with the boho vibe of the Bori Lanterns. Powered by batteries, you can scatter them around the patio or hang on the cantilevered Bori Black Lantern Stand.

Modern Accent Lighting

Don’t be fooled by subtlety. Accent lighting is a secret weapon that enhances design features, drawing the eye in and playing with illusion. Adorn your wall with the metallic sleekness of the Bino Sconce, highlighting a piece of art or intriguing architectural element and easily tilting to direct light. 

Black and white table lamp sitting next to a mug on top of a brown wood bedside table.

The sleek ceramic base of the Rama Lamp is the perfect beside companion to lighten things up at night.

Create symmetry with matching Ramas: a wheel-turned porcelain lamp that suggests balance when added to a space as a pair. Bookend a painting overtop a mantle, or on either side of a sofa.

A lamp in front of a mirror will beautifully reflect light around a room, making the space feel more grand. Display the Koepel Brass Table Lamp atop a gorgeous sideboard, like the Seno and watch as the hand-blown smoked glass and brass finished dome glistens in front of a gilded mirror. Put on a record and start dancing on your own.

Layer It Together

A brass and glass table lamp on a wooden dresser.

With its throwback mushroom shape and see-through glass base, the quirky Koepel Table Lamp is the perfect balance of retro and fun.

Each room is an opportunity to combine task, ambiance, and accent lighting. Layer the different types by thinking three dimensionally and illuminating various heights and areas throughout the space. Dial it up or down, depending on natural light, what you’re doing, and how you want to feel. Providing multifaceted solutions for your entire home, great lighting is a helper, an escape, and a fantasy all in one.

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