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Storage Coffee Tables for Small Spaces

You’ve found the perfect place to live. Maybe it has hardwood floors, south-facing light, or high ceilings. Perhaps it comes with a dishwasher, backyard, in-suite laundry (!!), or simply provides an innate feeling of home. There are a myriad of reasons you might be smitten. But, and there’s always a but — even the perfect home has drawbacks. And that drawback is usually storage space.

Organization is key. Not only is it aesthetically-pleasing, it’s also super helpful to give your belongings a purposeful place to live so you can actually use them. Leverage your furniture. Start with simple pieces, like your coffee table, which is a beacon of storage potential. Read on as we share some design ideas to integrate storage to your living room.

Brown and white coffee table in front of a gray sofa.

Classy and versatile, the Bios Coffee Table has both an open shelf and drawer to showcase and store your knickknacks.

Make the Most of Your Storage Coffee Table

A coffee table is like the lead singer of the living room, commanding everyone’s attention. Capitalize on its prominent presence: its position and wide surface area are ideal for curating things like books, magazines, candles, coasters, flower arrangements, and remote controls. For more storage, opt for something with a shelf. We love the mid-century modern Lenia collection. Made of solid walnut and available in Oval and Square designs, both options feature a row of stunning spindles suited to stack books and board games, or to display ceramics and keepsakes.

The Vitri is a gorgeous, smoked-glass, round coffee table. The powder-coated metal base has a walnut shelf you can adorn with decorative baskets and bowls — a clever way to hide not-so-curated things like power cords and HDMI adaptors.

Glass and walnut coffee table in front of a white sofa.

Thanks to its tempered smoke-glass, the Vitri Coffee Table is as intriguing as it is helpful.

The Equa Coffee Table is another way to sneak in storage. The powder-coated steel top has a lip that keeps everything in place. Lightweight, it also lifts off easily, revealing a hollow trunk to stash extra blankets. 

If it’s drawers you need, the Bios Coffee Table has your back. A study in contrasts, the high- gloss, white lacquer and the rugged oak finishes sit atop the black metal legs. Two drawers and two open shelves offer lots of organizational options. 

Modern Side Tables

Talented backup singers for your coffee table, side tables help create living room flow. With a much smaller footprint, they are a helpful host for a drink while also providing storage, especially when they feature a shelf or a drawer. Offering the similar design features to their coffee table counterparts, the Vitri and Equa are as stunning and useful in their side table versions. But matching isn’t a requirement. Choose something that complements your coffee table by adding contrast with different materials and finishes. Available in Walnut and Oak, the Jeppa Side Table is a simple and stylish choice that goes with tons of different coffee table styles.

Black metal coffee tables in front of a blue sofa.

Made from lightweight metal, the Equa Coffee Table is easy to move and provides an industrial edge to your room.

More Ways to Store

You’ve curated your coffee table display, storing things you want to have on hand. If you still need more support, consider a matching media unit. It increases your storage capacity while creating visual balance in your space. The Lenia Media Unit is a gorgeous complement to its namesake coffee table, and its unique design doesn’t feel matchy-matchy. Made of solid and veneered American Walnut, it has stylish curved handles, soft-close drawers, and built-in cord organizers to keep electronics out of sight.

Brown and white coffee table with drawers, in front of a blue electric guitar.

@elleehome‘s snazzy setup showcases how the Bios Media Unit is the perfect handler for your gaming station or record collection, with drawers and shelves for carrying your many collectables.

Looking for something light and bright? Choose from a long or short version of the Bios Media Unit, both in beautiful high-gloss white and oak finishes with open shelving and drawers to tuck everything away.

If space is tight, maximize the height of a narrow bookcase. The Fantal is available in a light or dark stain. Its solid oak frame leans against your wall like it’s the cool kid at school while also providing five extra shelves for swoon-worthy storage.

Go Minimalist or Full Maximalist

Getting rid of extra clutter will help create a calming space. Donate what you don’t need or host a housewares swap with friends. Make use of flat lays and trays to display the belongings that spark joy. 

Brown wood desk with shelves holding plants, pictures, and books.

For study and support, the Fantol Desk can hold up a variety of personal objects, while also doubling as a desk for essay writing.

Not really a ‘less is more’ type? Infuse your space with cozy, creative inspiration. More doesn’t have to mean ‘messy’. There’s a skill to having things artfully haphazard but accessible enough to find: stack books and magazines and fill bowls with jewelry or trinkets. It really is all about organization. Like finding the perfect apartment, there’s something so satisfying when you finally have everything in its proper place.

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