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The Velvet Buyer’s Guide: Where To Start

Talk about a glow up! You’ve come a long way since your days of cheap beer, ramen noodles, and that lumpy futon you used to lounge on (your lower back still resents you for it). You now enjoy the finer things in life like scented candles, good wine, and gourmet potato chips. When it comes to dressing up your space, few materials say “grown and sexy” quite like velvet. Synonymous with luxury, this material is beloved for its sweet softness and high-shine appeal. Not only does it create depth and mood, a great statement piece like a velvet sofa has the ability to make any space feel ultra luxe and cozy. Who doesn’t want that?

Whether you’re looking to bring an air of grandeur to your evening wind-downs, or hoping to feel like royalty while sipping your morning cappuccino, picks from our velvet buyer’s guide will indulge your senses while enriching your space.

Green velvet sofa in a modern living room.

The Raella Sofa is a true show-stopper in your home, with its heightened elegance and super-smooth velvet upholstery.


Turn your cookie-cutter rental unit into a living room so glamorous, your guests will wonder if they’ve accidentally entered a cool speakeasy lounge. With a classic tufted design and plush, yet low-fuss velvet upholstery, the Raella Sofa captures the elegance of the Art Deco era while still feeling fresh and modern. Let your maximalist mind run wild by throwing in a few feather-filled Lucca Pillows for extra homeyness.

If your brave and bold heart fancies abstract shapes and unexpected profiles, forgo the traditional rectangular layout for a curved sofa that’s guaranteed to turn heads (including your own every time you walk by). With its sumptuous high-pile velvet upholstery, sweeping curved silhouette, and tapered walnut legs, the Kayra Sofa looks stunning from any view. Watch it flaunt those curves! But since looks aren’t everything, we made sure it also delivers on supportive comfort with a foam-filled seat and back cushions. Who ever said you can’t have it all? 

A blue velvet sofa on a white rug in a modern living room.

A Sven for all seasons. Take a look at the Sven Sectional, sporting luxurious leg space perfect for evening (or morning) naps.


With quintessential mid-century touches like classic tufting, loose bolsters, and wooden finishes, the velvet sofa options from the Sven Collection will send the dapper meter through the roof. Measuring 72 inches wide, the velvet loveseat version of the Sven Sofa fits 2.5 people comfortably. So if our math is correct, that means you + your pup + your new summer fling, right?

Is your household calling for something larger? Then the Sven Sectional Sofa is the one for you. Truly timeless in its appeal yet versatile in design, its L-shape configuration makes it ideal for when you’ve got a Full House-type situation.

What? Still need extra seating? Keep it in the fam and bring in the matching Sven Ottoman. With so many options, everyone will feel like they’ve scored the best, softest seat in the house. 

A blue velvet chair and ottoman in a modern living room.

Matchy-matchy. Make sure your lonely Sven Chair has an Ottoman to pair up with.


Kitchens lend themselves to a variety of needs. No longer used exclusively for cooking and eating, this space has become a go-to spot for everything from WFH and homework station, to makeshift TikTok dance studio. Whatever the need, velvet adds subtle richness to the space’s overall aesthetic. Set on brushed brass-colored steel legs and frame, the Oscuro Dining Chair features a padded seat and backrest for optimal comfort, while the velvet and walnut Ansa Bench serves as a bright seating addition to your breakfast nook. Those snack breaks between your back-to-back Zoom meetings or dance challenge videos will feel like a special occasion.

An orange velvet bedroom bench on a blue carpet in a modern bedroom.

Searching for some new seating? We’ve got the Ansa. This bench knows what’s good, especially with its soft velvet seat.

When it comes to the bedroom, nothing says “glam” quite like a buttery-soft velvet bed. Enter the Sven Bed. Yep, the Sven Collection also includes beds. Available in Queen and King sizes, as well as your choice of three jewel tones for added richness, this frame will give your master suite or guest bedroom the luxe boutique hotel feel you’ve often found yourself dreaming of.

With a show-stopping arched design and twin shelves built-in for nighttime essentials (like your night cream or sleeping mask), it’s safe to say that the Gatsby-inspired Almelo Headboard is much more than… well… a simple board above the head. Upholstered in rich tufted velvet, it’s foam-filled to support your back while you get lost in your nightly rabbit hole of Twitter memes or attempt to solve the day’s Wordle before hitting the hay. We’ve got a five-letter word for you; time to go to S.L.E.E.P.

An orange velvet headboard in a mid century modern bed.

The sunrise-shaped Almelo Headboard adds that extra oomph and chicness to the bedroom. It’s also an impeccably soft back support for those late-night readers. 


Whether you decide to fully commit with a large velvet sofa, or baby step it up with smaller accents, caring for your velvet pieces should be top-of-mind.

While shopping, consider what type of velvet — cotton, poly — will best stand up to the rigors of everyday life. While cotton velvet offers a softer feel, polyester is less likely to wrinkle. Are your kids both miniature artistes or parkourists in the making? Then opt for medium-toned colorways as they’re the least likely to show signs of wear and stains. Prolonged sunlight exposure can cause the fabric to fade, so make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight whenever possible.

Now go on! Put on that Silk Sonic record and mix a fancy cocktail. Time to indulge in your new elevated digs.

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