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Is This Pouf Taken? How To Add Modern Poufs & Ottomans to Your Space

So… turns out there is such a thing as too many chairs. Overcrowding your space with several specific types of seats can make it look surprisingly uninviting and disturb the overall flow. And there’s no way you’re letting anything mess up your flow, right? But how do you maximize your home’s seating potential without making it look like the waiting room at your local clinic? 

Enter Le Pouf. Stylish and versatile in equal measure, today’s indoor and outdoor poufs and ottomans are more than decorative props. Whether you’re looking for extra seating to juxtapose with your existing living room set, a spot to kick up your feet (and stare at your ironic pizza-print socks), or a sturdy surface to set a tray of tasty snacks, a modern pouf or small ottoman furthers the enjoyment of lounging. But with so many styles, sizes, and materials to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin — and when to stop. Let’s explore our selection of modern poufs and ottomans to find your perfect match.


Although often used interchangeably, poufs and ottomans have a few key differences from each other. Designed without a back or armrests, a pouf is a compact cushion-like upholstered stool that typically sits flat to the ground. An ottoman features the same characteristics but tends to be larger, firmer, and is often elevated by wooden or metal legs. The more you know!

A white patterned pouf in a modern living room.

The Bamba Pouf brings the pizazz, all you need to bring is the fancy little cocktail.


This modern pouf will have you at “hello” (and “no assembly required”). Available in a number of materials, ranging from fuzzy bouclé to smooth leather, the Cilo Ottoman is the decor MVP your home team has been waiting for. Its compact low profile makes it perfect to use as an extra seat, a spot to rest your tired feet after hitting up a festival, or a small side table for your succulent. Made from a solid wood internal structure for durability, it’s sturdy yet lightweight enough to be moved around the home as needed.

If you’re looking to inject a little warmth and texture while creating flexible seating arrangements, consider the Bamba Pouf. Inspired by traditional African mudcloth geometric patterns, this pouf is hand-woven from tightly looped wool, lending an organic-chic vibe to the space. The woven textile base prevents sliding while keeping your precious hardwood floors intact. When not in use, tuck it underneath a narrow entryway table like the Oscuro Console to free-up space while still being on display.

A white boucle storage ottoman.

The little lamb of the house, the Maribo Storage Ottoman comes in sweet, fuzzy bouclé.


Prepare to be amazed… Boasting a clever space-saving silhouette and hidden interior compartment, the Maribo Storage Ottoman will have you feeling like a magician in your own home. Featuring an upholstered corner blocked wood frame and dense foam padding, this multi-purpose design embraces the charm of easy lounging while making sure your booty stays comfy. Available in three formats (19, 32, and 48 inches), each variation provides ample storage to gather everyday clutter, while the removable or hinged top makes them all go *pouf!* and disappear. That phone charger your friend (whose battery is always at 1%) used last night? Now you see it, now you don’t. Tada!

Get you an (otto)man that can do both. And by “both”, we mean one that can shift from indoor to outdoor settings without ever looking out of place. A perfect complement to the rest of the Corvos modular collection, the Corvos Ottoman also works as a stand-alone piece of furniture thanks to its minimalist paneled design and soft, plush cushioning. Although the weather-resistant Olefin fabric upholstery allows for easy cleanups, we do recommend storing it inside whenever heavy downpours, colder temperatures, and nosey neighbors overstay their welcome.

A blue velvet ottoman in a modern living room.

This one’s a real square. The Sefto Ottoman can be your coffee table or extra seat. You choose!


It’s amazing how small design details can turn a simple piece of furniture into a statement-making piece de resistance. So if you’re looking to create a focal point with something more stately and substantial, consider a larger scale style like the Sefto Ottoman. The full-aniline leather lends a smooth finish while the firmly cushioned tufted design brings all of the mid-century modern goodness. The generous surface is the perfect spot for your chess set, board games, and serving trays for your guests to enjoy during game night. Time to put your drink down, it’s your turn.

You might want to save a few extra coins for a velour robe and shiny slippers for the next one… When it comes to creating the ultimate lounging experience, the Macca Ottoman hits the mark on both aesthetic and versatility. With its sleek powder-coated legs and plush velvet upholstery — which comes in a variety of lustrous jewel tones — this circular ottoman has Art Deco boogie written all over it. Measuring 28 inches in diameter, it’s just the right size to hold your tablet, scented candles, and tray of post-work Fri-Yay spirits. That’s if your cat doesn’t beat you to it first.

Thanks to their compact size, you can actually get away with adding a few more modern poufs or small ottomans to your indoor or outdoor decor. So don’t be afraid to mix and match a few designs to create cozy conversation nooks around your home. One is good. Two is better. Three is a pouf party. And who doesn’t love a party?

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