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Creating a Cozy Winter Retreat

Yes, the weather outside is frightful, but you know what would help make things more delightful? Turning your space into a cozy, comfy haven for those chilly winter temperatures. Hot cocoa would also be nice, but we can talk about that later.

What’re the steps to creating a wintery hideaway in your home? First, choosing the star of your space — the sofa you can melt into that’ll serve as the room’s lead. Then corralling a supporting cast of comfortable chairs, tables, and lighting to make things just right. Because cozy is a feeling, but it can also be a real vibe.

So read ahead to find out how to make the perfect refuge to return to once you’re done creaming each other with snowballs in the yard.

Ah yes, the comfy nucleus (AKA Dalu Loveseat).



While some folks may disagree (and it’s okay that they’re wrong), the sofa is the anchor of any space it finds itself in — and for the purpose of this blog, it’s the comfy nucleus of your winter retreat. 

Take the Dalu Loveseat, with its statement Scandinavian design and modern plush cushioning, it draws you in and is the perfect stage to watch movies from, to kick back after a long day, and chat late into those cold, dark nights.

Enjoy a velvety hug from the Embrace Lounge Chair.



We’ve all got one. That seat in the house you’re magnetically drawn to, where you and your book always end up. Yeah, the cat loves it too, but you’ve got seniority. Whether it’s pure comfort, style, or the perfect combination of the two, this is your mid-century lounge chair.

Elegant in velvet and a comfort level to match, with the Embrace Chair all you need is a blanket to drape over yourself and your defense against that blustery winter weather is near impenetrable. 

The Tromso Coffee and Side Table, holding things.



So now you’re curled up on the sofa, blanket draped across your person, hot cocoa in hand — where are you gonna put that cup when you’re done with it? Classic winter retreat dilemma. Fret no more. Coffee and side tables like the Tromso are like the supportive infrastructure between the items in your modern living room retreat

The Tromso’s sleek, distinct style is also the perfect complement to its superior ability to… hold things. 

Fend off the 4pm dark with the Moon Floor Lamp.



Winter months equal shorter days, which means to fully enjoy your new winter retreat, you’re going to have to bring some light into your space once the sun slinks behind the horizon at *shudder* 4pm. 

Fittingly, the Moon Floor Lamp is a charming, modern piece that casts a wide, warm glow. Creating a cozy ambiance during the season when cozy ambiances are in short supply. 

These are just a few of our favorite suggestions that can help you on your way to building the perfect wintery hideaway. So good luck, and hope you find yourself snuggled up with that book and cocoa soon.

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