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Double-Duty Storage for Your Bedroom

Let’s face it: just like everyday life, bedrooms can get messy and things can get cluttered quickly. Last night’s party dress, that book you’ll never read, and a seemingly endless jungle of tangled charger cords seem to always end up anywhere but where they should be. During the viewing of your new apartment, you got so excited about the high ceilings, original crown molding, and hardwood floors that you neglected to notice the lack of closet and storage space. Don’t beat yourself up about it; it’s a common renter’s mistake. Fortunately, there are plenty of clever double-duty storage alternatives to help you get organized and stay organized. Here are a few storage solutions that work both in terms of aesthetics and use of space. 

A white bouclé storage ottoman in a modern bedroom/

A bouclé beauty. The Maribo Ottoman is soft to the touch but also has all that sweet, sweet storage.


Wondering how to keep piles of clothing and accessories off the bed and off “the chair”? You know what chair we’re talking about… That unofficial dumping spot for all your not quite dirty, not quite clean clothes. We’re all guilty of it. However, there’s cause for concern when that pile starts to look like a bad art installation in the corner of your bedroom. 

Boasting hidden storage within, ottomans are great to keep bedroom clutter in check. Featuring a soft-close lid and a textural bouclé-covered wooden frame, the Maribo 48” Ottoman is ample enough to keep everything discreetly stored away, from extra bed and bath linens to your weirdly impressive Christmas sweaters. Place it at the foot of the bed to hold large decorative pillows and blankets come bedtime. 

Looking to create separate zones within your room? Then opt for two smaller matching ottomans. With its surprisingly generous capacity, removable lid, and compact size, the Maribo 19” Ottoman holds its own against weightier storage units. Move it close to a window and bam! you just created a cozy lounging nook. Place a serving tray on top and pouf! (pun intended) you’ve got yourself a coffee table. The possibilities for functionality are seemingly limitless. Plus, it’s available in an array of bright colors if you just want to give your space a bit of pizzazz.

Brown wood bedroom bench in a modern bedroom next to a gray bed.

The adaptability of the Ripa Bench can’t be beat. Try it in the dining room, bedroom, even at your patio party.


Bulky layouts and storage units can make a room feel cramped. Why not do away with cumbersome pieces and keep it light and casual with items that function as both seating and storage? Cue the bedroom bench. Working double duty to make your space feel extra functional and put-together, it’s a great place for you to sit down and lace-up your sneakers before your morning jog or to drape your next OOTD.

The versatile Ripa Bench works overtime to bring big MCM energy and refinement to your bedroom. The walnut-stained wood frame and slatted seat combine to create depth and visual contrast while the convertible design, featuring removable, rearrangeable leather cushions, can change based on your needs. Decorate the surface with your favorite magazines or a catchall to throw loose valuables in.

If you’re drawn to a more industrial aesthetic, the Level Bench might be your perfect match. Featuring a curvy, powder coated steel base and tufted seat cushion upholstered in Italian-tanned leather, this sleek modern design makes any room feel anchored yet airy. Make use of the open space underneath to display a few of your most prized designer shoes or tuck away baskets containing day-to-day clutter. It can also serve as a cozy spot for your adorable furry friend’s bed. 

A brown wood and foam bench in a modern living space.

This is a shoes-off house, people. Thankfully, the Nederin Bench will keep your footwear safe and secure for the evening.


Don’t let the size fool you; a well-thought out hallway can be more than an awkward in-between area. So why don’t you take advantage of that humble stretch of square footage leading up to your bedroom? Rendered in a solid wood base with a broad storage compartment, the Nederin Bench is topped with a removable foam cushion for instant seating. The nifty half-open, half-closed design allows you to keep your nice (and not so nice) essentials partially hidden. Consider hanging a circular mirror like the Meron above to quickly check your smile for either lipstick (or parsley) before venturing out. 

A white oak wood nightstand in a modern bedroom.

The floaty Lenia Nightstand sticks out in the best possible way.


It’s 3am and your bladder is signaling that it’s time to put that dream on pause. However, your nighttime trip to the loo shouldn’t feel like a Ninja Warrior obstacle course. Consider adding wall shelving (like the Lenia Nightstand) to keep your bedroom floor hazard-free, so you never trip over another hair clip or half-empty water bottle again. Your sensitive pinky toe and downstairs neighbors will thank you. 

Your bedroom should be a place you enjoy coming to at the end of each day, so there should be no way you’re letting things like clutter (or an annoying ex) mess with your beauty sleep. After all, (we assume) you’re a busy go-getter. You deserve a stress-free sanctuary that hides away from this wacky world.


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