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Find Your Footing: The Right Rug for Every Room

Great design is not always associated with following rules. Innovation happens when deviating from accepted standards. But with certain foundational elements, conventional knowledge reigns supreme and can be why a room’s design feels amiss. The problem can be as simple as the wrong rug for the space. In this article, we’ll lay out the ground rules for rug size, color, pattern, and pile (don’t worry, we’ll explain what pile means). We’ll also explore the best rug choices for every room in your home.


Size It Up

Think of your area rug as an anchor for your furniture. The most common mistake is selecting something too small, making the room feel empty and the furniture overbearing. A good rule of thumb is to ensure your cluster of furniture can be safely placed well within the boundary of the rug, giving extra space to the front and on both sides (at least 12 inches in all three directions). The back of a couch, chair, or the head of the bed are exceptions: they can rest off the rug.

Set your scene using painter’s tape to measure where the rug would live. Article rugs come in a few key sizes: most commonly 8’ x 10’ and 5’ x 8’, but with a few 6’ x 9’ options. Or, think outside the box with a round shape: ours are 6’ and 9’ in diameter.

Color and Pattern

If your rug could talk, what would it say? For a message that feels cozy and warm, neutral options with texture are ideal. Not only that, a neutral can unite disparate (but beloved) elements in a room and create a sense of calmness. If you’re looking to infuse more energy into the space, love maximalism, or are feeling a tad too monochromatic, a colorful patterned rug gives you that sense of fun without being as much of a commitment as a sofa.

Color and pattern get personal and opinions are bound to vary, even within your household. But before digging your heels into your bare floors, play with the power of a statement piece or view the versatility of a neutral. Also, two words: mood board. Inspo photos can be found on product pages and will imagine possibilities you or your partner may not have ever considered.

A Matter of Material

Natural or synthetic, material care is something to keep top of mind. From delicate, cushy viscose, or wonderfully soft and hearty wool, to convenient to clean jute or versatile recycled PET, we recommend prioritizing practicality. Trust us.

A plush white rug with a black diamond design sits under a bed.

The Taza Rug is a great way to extend the feeling of being in bed for just a liiittle bit longer.

Picking your pile is the place to start. Pile is the density of fibers in the rug. A higher pile is pleasantly plush and is ideal for special spaces that don’t get a lot of rough traffic (like the TV room, for example), our Taza Rug for instance, whereas a lower pile, like the popular Poda, is more durable and suitable for busy spaces such as your dining area. If your space is populated by pets or kids, do yourself a favor and avoid super plush, super high-pile rugs. They are magnets for fur, stains, and dropped food. You can thank us later.

A silver-gray rug.

The Poda Rug is cool neutrality at its most agreeable. Made from bamboo silk and wool, the Poda is easy on the eyes… and the feet.

Now, let’s apply all the basics we’ve learned to select the best rugs for every space.

Room by Room

Living Room

A patterned blue rug on a light wood floor.

The Zakra Rug‘s vibrant color and tight knotting makes this piece ideal for medium-high traffic areas, such as under a dining room table or in your living room.

A focal point to the home, especially in open concept designs, the living room is typically a medium-to-high traffic area, so you’ll want to rug accordingly. Create coziness and balance a colorful sofa or gallery wall with a warm neutral (the Hira Rug is a hit for reason, but be cautious if you’re placing it in a busy space). Or add a pop of color (we love the hues of the Zakra Rug) and brighten things up. Can’t decide? Layering rugs is having a major moment and lets you indulge your design senses and play to the traffic needs of your space.



A more private space accommodates a higher pile. Make waking up easier by extending cozy comfort beyond your comforter. Slip the gorgeous Crush Rug under your bed and the 100% viscose will make your feet feel like they’re still dreaming. Go with the traditional 8’ x 10’ or add dimension with the 9’ round shape. Can’t get enough of your favorite wool socks? You’ll love the comfort of the handwoven Texa Rug, creating calmness with either of the available color choices.

Dining Room

A white round rug on a bleached oak floor.

The Natica Rug is made from stain-and-weather-resistant polyester fabric, meaning it’s a great choice for any place where food is involved.

Function is everything when food is involved. Not only will a low pile rug make cleaning up crumbs a piece of cake but it’s also easier to move chairs around the table, helping limit wear and tear on the rug itself. The Mali Rug fits the durability bill while adding a textured richness with its unique pattern. Another easy win? Round out your breakfast nook with the stain-resistant Natica Rug.

Outdoor space

A gray patterned rug on a gray concrete floor.

Outdoor rugs, like the Arroyo, are great for indoor spaces too. Made from polyester, the rug is stain-resistant and a great option for busy and/or messy families.

When the weather is right, we want to live outside. Add ambiance and instantly freshen up your al fresco area with a rug. But not just any rug, the Arroyo and Redondo rugs are both made of recycled bottles, making them easy to clean and weather-resistant. Remember, fair-weather care means they’ll appreciate being brought inside to avoid harsher elements, like rain and snow and they’ll last longer, too.


The next step is yours. Try out a new rug and feel the energy room shift, simply by being mindful of size, color, pattern, material, and the specifics of the space. Functional design is so rewarding and shows that every once and a while it helps to play by the rules.

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