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A brown leather daybed sitting beside a fluffy white throw rug.

From Day to Night: The Best Sleeper Sofas & Daybeds

Our biological need for rest isn’t new, but we’re finally prioritizing it. Comfort is our new collective craving. We’re like cats but adorned in loungewear, eyeing the perfect spot for our next well-deserved nap. Make it easier to unwind by going beyond the bedroom with multifunctional pieces like sofa beds and daybeds. Though they may share a word, they scratch very different itches.

Known for being uncomfortable and cumbersome, the modern sofa bed  have a reputation that precedes them. But like Taylor Swift, they’ve grown up and come a long way. Sofa beds (Article’s version) provide comfort, style, and a multitude of space-based solutions. They’re a secret sanctuary your houseguests will love. They also make better use of a second bedroom that is a touch too small for a traditional bed.

Daybed or sofa bed? Slip into your favourite sweatpants and hoodie (who are we kidding, we hope you’re already wearing them), snuggle up with a blanket (or close your eyes at your desk to envision your cozy place) and read on to see what best suits your relaxation needs.


Everyday Use

Do you have a different sleep schedule than your partner? Or need an additional bed that can moonlight (or well, daylight) as a sofa, but provides an escape from a snorer? The Soma Sofa Bed helps you sleep soundly with its dreamy memory foam mattress that you can tuck away in the morning. Roughly the size of a twin, the Sven Daybed is another option, making an easy middle-of-the-night-transition by snugly fitting a mattress cover and sheets.  

A dark gray sofa sitting in a white living room.

The Soma Sofa Bed is perfect for last minute changes, like guests needing a place to crash or if you’re just wanting to kick up your feet.

Or maybe you need an everyday sofa for your living room that can quickly be turned down to accommodate overnight guests. Once again, the Soma ensures they’ll wake up on the right side of cozy. Choose the 3-seater with chaise, offering additional storage to keep pillows, sheets, and blankets at the ready.


Nap Time

If you’re working from home, do yourself a favor by blocking 15 minutes around 3pm to close your eyes. More beneficial than a coffee break, a cat nap will give you a mid-afternoon boost and increase your focus so you can end your day on a high note. Enhance your home office with our modern take on a mid-century classic, the Sven Daybed. There’s something very Mad Men about it all, tufted leather in Charme Tan and round bolster, it’s how we imagine Don Draper would WFH. 

A brown leather daybed and a white rug with blue diamond design.

The effortlessly classy Sven Daybed adds a touch of vintage charm to any living room.

Or add elegance to any room with the Lupra Daybed. Available in Vienna Blue and Hibiscus Pink, indulge in the velvet upholstery and curved bodice as you doze off in the grandest way possible. This elevated piece is no lightweight with its pine wood frame, foam cushions, and durable fabric that scores 50,000 rubs on the Martindale Rating


Pajama Time

Why sit and watch Succession when you can lounge and watch Succession? With the Nordby Sofa Bed there’s room for the whole Roy family. The simple slide out sleeper mechanism makes it easy to transition, so you can settle fast enough to catch the opening credits. The technical fabric makes it practical for pet and kid maintenance while its Scandinavian design adds instant style.

A comfy, gray sofa bed with a fluffy yellow throw blanket.

The Nordby Sofa easily switches from relaxing seat to nap-ready bed, whichever way you’re wanting to lounge.

Need an excuse to stay in? We’ll set the scene. Put a facemask on, light a candle, tell Siri to play something soulful, and curl up with your favourite book as you sink into the Nova Daybed. With its feather-stuffed cushions and sturdy wooden frame, this chaise-style daybed was made for self-care.



Let’s revisit the cat analogy. The way they optimize naps, positioning themselves in direct gaze of the sun. It’s impressive. We’d be wise to do the same, which is why a strategically placed day bed can be a game-changer. The rattan Sol Dolphin Day Bed, with its authentic wicker base and supportive poly-fill cushion, is popular because it works inside and out. Place it on your patio or porch (keeping it covered or safely stored indoors when not in use) or add a splash of old Hollywood glamour to your living room, guest suite, or sunroom.

A wood daybed with black pillows, sitting behind a white fluffy rug.

Thanks to its sturdy wicker base and comfy poly-fill cushion, the Sol Dolphin Daybed is the perfect partner for chilling in style.

We’re also smitten by the classically-woven cane back and stunning simplicity of the Olalla Daybed. A gorgeous addition to any outdoor area (let’s all live our best boho lives), we love that it could work as well in just about any room in your home. 


Make Space for Downtime

We know good sleep hygiene and rest are crucial to our health. Introduce new spots into your home that help you slow down. Sneak in a nap on a daybed where and when you can. Sleep well knowing your guests are comfortably tucked in your sofa bed, enjoying a good night’s rest, too.

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