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How to Create The Ultimate Modern Bedroom Retreat

Ah, the bedroom. It’s where you get your beauty sleep, a prime Sunday morning staycation destination, your home office when you don’t want to take that Zoom call in the actual home office, and, if you were introducing it on an episode of Cribs, “where the magic happens.”

But the modern bedroom, for all the wonderful purposes it serves, doesn’t always get the same amount of love and attention as the rest of the home when it comes to design. It tends to go overlooked and at times underappreciated. Things don’t have to be this way, though. Are you looking to make your bedroom the one room you don’t want to leave (in, you know, a positive way)? 

We’ve got some tips on how to make your own modern bedroom oasis. From the obvious king-to-queen sized solutions, new storage pieces that bring the style, modern decor that’ll help bring the room an extra dimension, and some leafier options to help bring it to life.

Bed frame, headboard, and nightstands? The Nera is a triple threat.

Mid-Century Beds

Yeah, this one was to be expected. The bed is the clear centerpiece of the bedroom. Heck, it’s 43% of the word bedroom itself. The eponymous piece is where you spend a good portion of your life (roughly 33%, a quick Google will say), so you want to enjoy your stay on it right? Whether that’s refreshing your bedding, ditching those soggy springs for a new mattress, or updating your bed frame. 

For the minimalists and design heads, the sturdy and clean-cut Basi Bed Frame is top of the list, with a walnut or oak veneer finish to choose from. For a more traditional look, the Lenia, with its tapered legs and sleek spindle headboard, bring a classic motif into contemporary life. If you’re looking for a little extra, the Nera with nightstands covers two bedroom bases at once.

Wow, look at how neatly stacked those books are on the Envelo Nightstand. Photo: The August Diaries

Modern Dressers & Nightstands

Not to speak in generalities or point fingers, but there seems to be a tendency for the bedroom to be used as one big laundry hamper. A clutter kingdom. But a bedroom can really unlock its full potential when it’s making the most of its space.

Whether that’s keeping your clothes off of the floor and in a minimal yet bold Taiga Oak Dresser or your bedside books stacked neatly beside your alarm clock on the Envelo Nightstand. Give yourself some room to relax. That’s what the bedroom is all about.

“Here’s to looking at you, kid.” – The Beau Walnut Mirror Photo: Francois et Moi

Contemporary Decor

The dressers, nightstands, bed — that’s the bedrock for your bedroom oasis. To bring the room together, look to decor. Consider decor the room’s outfit and style accordingly. Modern area rugs are great for keeping toes warm in the morning and excel at bringing out the homey vibes when slipped under the bed. A classy table lamp, like the Leap, for the nightstand? Functionally and aesthetically illuminating. Speaking of outfits, top off your bedroom’s and check yours out in the beautiful Beau Mirror.

A little green goes a long way. (Featuring the Tessu.)


We’ve sung the praises of indoor plants on this humble blog before. They help bring life to a room, can even improve your mood, and even help reduce dust and airborne microbes that irritate your airways — so they pull their weight. 

And what’s a bedroom oasis without some lush greenery. 

Your ultimate bedroom retreat is ultimately what you make of it, but hopefully we’ve been able to help inspire you on your way.

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