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A wood and beam ceiling is featured in this home office space

How to Create Your Modern Home Office

Whether you’ve been working remotely for years or for the last *ahem* several months, you’ve undoubtedly discovered the importance of your home office space. Not only does it give you the chance to escape those you share your home with (just kidding, of course…), it can actually serve as the special spot where you get some work done from time to time. 

While you can throw a desk and a chair anywhere and hope it works, we’re going to show you how to turn that house office into a home office. Let’s get to work. 

Cara of Goldalamode created a dreamy home office space using the Svelti Chair in Dusty Pink alongside her personal collection of art and accessories.

The improvised home office

With the rise of small space living — along with housing prices — the idea of using a “spare room” as a home office isn’t a reality for most people. Not all home offices come with their own walls and a door, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as beautiful and functional as their closed-in counterparts. 

No space for a separate home office? The Seno Dining Table and Versus Dining Chair give you a spot to work during the day — and a place to sit down for your favorite Carbonara at night.

If you find yourself trying to sort out a space for a mid-century desk and chair in your 500 square-foot condo, there are definitely great ways to do this without ruining your overall design scheme. Carve out a little nook in your dining, living, or bedroom to create a multifunctional space with strategic furniture and decor choices. 

For example, the Fantol Desk offers tons of vertical space so that you can pop it in the corner of your living room without sacrificing on storage for your books and collectables. It’s even got spots for you to stash your favorite on-the-clock snacks so they won’t make a guest appearance on your morning Zoom call. A win-win. 

Blogger Cherished Bliss uses the Article Fantol Desk in her bedroom
Ashley of Cherished Bliss uses her bedroom as a beautiful and functional double-duty space with the Fantol Desk and Svelti Chair.

If you’ve got a little bit of space anywhere in your home, including your kitchen, something like the Mara Cafe Table could be your office solution. The table’s small footprint takes up minimal space, while the round shape means there’s room to walk around it easily. Use it as an intimate dinner table in the evening, but for rocking those Excel spreadsheets during the day. On a Carrara marble top, you really can’t go wrong. 

How to choose a desk 

Whether you’ve got a dedicated and separate home office or a multifunctional solution, your desk is a key focal point of your space. 

While shopping for a desk, think about the kind of work you do — and the kind of worker you are. Do you love to spread papers around and go wild with the post-it notes? If so, the generously sized Madera Desk could be the best option for your late-night strokes of genius. Or, are you someone who feels most productive when your workspace is calm and compact? If that’s more your style, the slimmer-profiled Culla Desk is the perfect fit. 

An arched, white room features black bookcases and the Madera Desk.
The home office space of Casey from DIY Playbook features the Madera Desk topped off with the Fila Table Lamp.

When it comes to style, you’re no longer constrained to the utilitarian office desks that definitely put function over form. Today’s selection of WFH options are made to fit in seamlessly with your current style and above-average design taste. Whether you’re looking for a mid-century modern stunner, solid and rustic working companion, or an Art Deco glamour office addition, there’s a desk for you.

The holy grail chair

Okay, so we’ve all seen those office chairs that look like they’d be right at home onboard a spacecraft. They might provide the best ergonomic support in the world (or universe) but they’re just not what you want to look at in the home you’ve spent your life dreaming of and designing. 

Two Savis Chairs and two white desks are seen in Shira Gill's home office.
There’s no rule that says dining chairs have to stay in the dining room. Shira Gill uses two Savis Dining Chairs in this home office space to keep the look modern and light.

Thankfully, there are modern office chairs that provide both an aesthetically pleasing design along with the support your body needs from 9 to 5 (and beyond). Take the Wilsta Swivel Chair, for example. It’ll look just as good around your dining table as it would pulled up next to your office desk of choice. And that slightly padded curved seat? Your back will be sending you thank you notes in no time. 

For a mid-century look, the Svelti Office Chair is a classic. Not only does it have wheels so you can easily scoot around from your phone to your printer, but it comes in a variety of colors to easily match any decor scheme. 

Finishing touches 

It might be tempting to look at your desk and chair and declare your home office complete, however it’s not quite time to get back to work yet. The same way you’d add a framed photo of your cat (or kids) to your cubicle in a shared office, little touches of personality will make your home office a space you actually want to spend time in.  

To start with, you can never go wrong with adding a plant (or three) to your contemporary desk or modern shelves. They add life, clean the air, and give you something to stare at lovingly when you’re trying to come up with your next winning campaign idea. 

A Fantol Desk is shown against a dark wall with plants and Lento Chair
Lucy of Craftberry Bush adds major personality to this home office by adding plants, art, and meaningful decor accents to her Fantol Desk. The stunning dark accent wall is grounded by the leather and solid wood Lento Chair.

Next, add a touch of softness — and an extra design moment — to your office with a decorative pillow. Something like the Ren Pillow lets you adjust your lumbar support during the day, while also providing a luxurious look and feel.  

Finally, finish off your space with personal items that double as decor. Artwork you  bought on your honeymoon, tchotchkes you inherited from your glamorous grandma, or a mini sculpture your firstborn created in preschool art class. It’s these little items that will add warmth and personality to a space you’ll undoubtedly be spending a lot of time in. 

Whether you’ve got an entire dedicated floor or a cozy nook of your bedroom, your home office space is something you can be proud of. 

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