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It’s a Sign: Home Decor According to Your Astrological Chart

At this point in the astrological zeitgeist, you can plan your meals, your career trajectory, and your future pet ownership by way of your sign. A furniture guide felt like an obvious choice. Being us, we decided to get technical: in partnership with OnePoll, we interviewed 2000+ Americans to get a sense of how accurately their star sign aligned with their sense of personal style. Then, we paired our analytical findings with insights from astro-coach Mecca Woods (@1meccanism). What did we uncover? The stars know. And so can you: read on to find out what your star sign says about your personal decor style.


The Divan daybed looking stunning

The Divan daybed is part-sofa, part-bed, but all stunning.

Mecca was initially surprised when she saw the data for fiery Aries. According to survey results, the thing they’re most likely to do at home is… nap. But then, for a sign so on-the-go and ambitious, that actually makes sense. To accommodate their need for rest and their zest for life, Mecca suggests a daybed or chaise: something that pulls double-duty, just like our fiery friends. Thankfully, Aries also ranked as the most confident sign when it came to interior design. They aren’t even reading this. They already own a Divan Daybed.


Ruled by Venus, the planet of sensuality, beauty, and pleasure, it makes perfect sense that Taureans love to cook, eat, and enjoy their friends. When survey results indicated that our Earth-sign friends love a large, well-equipped kitchen, Mecca agreed. Her suggestion? Set the dining area up outside. Taurus is an earth sign, and their comfort is enhanced by connection to the outdoors. Your Taurus friend, in the garden, sitting on a Beltaine Rocking Chair, adorned in a vintage silk robe.


Geminis: the sign most in need of a PR campaign. The sign of intellect and communications, Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury, which regulates the brain and nervous system. As such, Geminis are easily overstimulated and — according to survey results — the most particular about their space. Interestingly, rugs were the most common recent purchase amongst Geminis. Mecca explained that this made sense, as tactile stimulation is connected to brain function, and that a rug can be a grounding feature in a room that makes it feel complete. We’d suggest something plush and comfy, like the Hira or the Taza.


Ah Cancer, our favorite professional homebodies. Unsurprisingly, Cancer scored high in the “relaxing at home” category.

“They would do well with a lot of plush seating,” Mecca suggested. She also noticed that the survey suggested Cancers are attracted to cool colors. “I mean, they are water signs,” Mecca laughed. Incorporating these cool colors into their home will contribute to a sense of ease and well-being. Mecca suggested that a big cozy chair like the Mod would make a great perch for the Cancer crowd. Interestingly, Cancers are most likely to seek advice from others before making a purchase, but are also most open to trying new modern home decor trends.



The Grass-Green Sven Sofa.

A pop of color, you say? The Sven Sofa in Grass-Green velvet is stunning, soft, and the absolute centrepiece of any space.

True to their avatar, Leos like things to be big: their hair, their parties, their homes. Leos rated having a “large” living space as one of their top priorities in a home: all the more space to lounge and entertain. With this in mind, Mecca suggested a large, modern sectional sofa to accommodate all of Leo’s friends and love interests.

“The velvet green Sven — it gives nightclub lounge opulence!”


Virgos get a lot of attention for being meticulous planners, but they’re also fiercely loyal. These two poles converged in our survey answers: Virgos are the most likely to spend time with a pet. An extra astrological tidbit: pets and animal companionship is actually ruled by Virgo within astrology. We can’t make this stuff up. When planning a space, pet-friendly furniture such as leather sofas and low-pile rugs will be key. We love the distressed Nirvana Sofa paired with the chill Suto Rug.


When reading the survey results for preening Libra, Mecca burst out laughing.

“Of course Libras ranked highest for ‘going to the gym!’” Mecca said. Of course they did: Libra is associated with Venus — the planet of sensuality, romance, and pleasure. They want to look good, and for their space to look good too. With that in mind, Mecca suggested the importance of creating a space that caters to their need to move. Beautiful storage, such as the Kirun Sideboard, will help them keep all those free weights neat and tidy.


The Nera bed in a white, airy room.

Stay in bed, you say? Deal. The Oak Nera Bed with nightstand extensions is at once moody and light. Perfect for our Scorpio friends.

It tracks that Scorpio, the sign of intimacy, favors a large bedroom over all else.

“I can see them enjoying a long, luxurious evening with their lover in that huge bedroom,” Mecca said. Scorpios also tend to be nightowls: having a large room that can double as a creative or workspace would be great for when brilliance (or… obsession) strikes at 1am. Any king bed will do, but we especially love the Nera with built-in nightstands. Pair that with the ultra sleek Fantol Desk for a room that is equal parts sexy and thoughtful. In spite of loving their personal space, Scorpios were found to be both the most confident and sociable of the signs.


How does one nail down an interior aesthetic for the sign that’s never home?
“Sagittarius’ prefer to be away travelling the world than being stuck at home,” Mecca said. She would know: she’s a Sag herself. With that in mind, Mecca suggested that Saggitarius are best served by home decor that speaks to their wanderlust: mudcloth prints, high texture, and souvenirs from their trips speak to their global style. We’d recommend the Bamba or Ren poufs.


The extendable Seno Dining table.

Removable leaves make the Seno Dining Table big enough to fit your friends, your feast, and your most recent sewing project.

Just because they are efficient doesn’t mean they’re aloof! Capricorns don’t get press for being nurturing, but in reality they rival their Cancers friends when it comes to nurturing. The Capricorn style is different: more acts of service than loving words. The survey reflected this: Capricorns LOVE to entertain! With classic, refined taste, a sturdy modern table like the Seno Table is right up their alley. Just please, use a coaster.


It’s hard to get a solid read on an Aquarius, and that’s the way they like it. Survey results showed that “dancing” is a motivator when choosing home decor. Sure, Aquarius. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius are always trying to innovate and expand: they have a predilection for gadgets and hobbies, so their decor choices need to facilitate a lot of doo-dads while still looking chic. Beautiful and functional storage, like the funky Candra Media Unit, is a must to help organize their wacky lifestyle choices.


Pisces like their freedom, so when the survey suggested that big windows and natural light were of particular import to these fishy friends, Mecca agreed wholeheartedly.

“Mirrors are also a great way to add the illusion of more space,” Mecca suggested. These water signs do well in an environment that doesn’t feel constricted: soft corners, open floor plans, and uninterrupted sight-lines will serve this sign well. Soft lighting, such as the Moon Lamp, and big beautiful mirrors, like the Meron, will make a space feel bright and expansive.

Decorating: it can be overwhelming. Whether you like to lean in to your highly curated Pinterest board (cough… Cancer), make a spreadsheet (Capricorn), have absolutely no plan (Aquarius), or let your intuition lead (Pisces), aligning with your sign can help you feel more at home in your space.

Need the official data? We hear you. 

What activities do the astrological signs enjoy?

  • Relaxing at home Cancer 32%
  • Entertaining friends Capricorn 70%
  • Going to a restaurant Capricorn 54%
  • Spending time with a pet Virgo 64%
  • Spending time with family Aries 51%
  • Cooking Leo 63%
  • Napping Aries 71%
  • Dancing Aquarius 83%
  • Shopping Aries 73%
  • Spending time outdoors Aries 75%
  • Gardening Aries 85%
  • Playing sports Taurus 87%
  • Going to the Gym Libra 86%

Room that the astrological signs spend the most time in.

  • Kitchen – Virgo 12%
  • Living room – Capricorn 47%
  • Outdoor space – Capricorn 9%
  • Rec room / flex space – Gemini 6%

What features do the astrological signs value most in a home?

  • Large windows and natural light – Pisces 49%
  • Large living space – Leo 50%
  • Large kitchen – Taurus 49%
  • In-suite laundry – Leo 36%
  • Outdoor space or a backyard – Gemini 48%
  • Large bedrooms – Scorpio 44%
  • Character or charm – Scorpio 23%
  • Central air or air conditioning – Aquarius 52%
  • A view – Pisces 25%

Preferred color scheme of each astrological sign.

  • Warm Scorpio 58%
  • Cool Cancer 41%
  • Contrasting Aries 26%
  • Muted Pisces 19%
  • Monochrome Cancer 20%
  • Complimentary Pisces 22%
  • Jewel tones Cancer 20%
  • Pastels Scorpio 20%
  • Earthy tones Aquarius 29%

What home items have the astrological signs purchased over the past year?

  • Sofa – Leo 37%
  • Rug – Gemini 35%
  • Bed – Libra 40%
  • Nightstand – Cancer 24%
  • Stool – Sagittarius 19%
  • Bench – Taurus 15%
  • Lounge chair – Taurus 17%
  • Office chair – Leo 18%
  • Ottoman or pouf – Gemini 11%
  • Table – Leo 19%
  • Shelves – Leo 18%
  • Lighting – Libra 24%
  • Decor – Pisces 25%
  • Mirror – Taurus 17%
  • Throws – Scorpio 21%

People in general are more open to experimenting with these home decor elements

  • Colors 59%
  • Styles 51%
  • Furniture placement 41%
  • Textures 39%
  • Materials 34%
  • Lighting 34%
  • Gardening and plants 24%

People in general are more open to trying these home decor trends.

  • Outdoor gardening – 40%
  • Indoor gardening (houseplants, etc) – 37%
  • Flipping vintage furniture – 26%
  • Sustainable decor (eco-friendly, low carbon footprint, recycled materials, etc) – 25%
  • Curvy furniture – 24%
  • Painted front door – 16%
  • Grandmillennial (classic patterns, ruffled/skirted fabric, fine china, etc) – 15%
  • “Cloffice” closet office – 14%
  • Wall paneling – 11%
  • Bold monochromatics – 11%

Methodology: Survey conducted by OnePoll for Article from June 23 – June 25, 2021, with a sample of 2,005 U.S. adults.

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