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How to Find the Perfect Modern Patio Table

There’s an outdoor dining scene in the film Before Midnight — if you’ve seen it, you know the one. It’s a gorgeous summer evening. A group of friends, old and new, are gathered around a table enjoying their meal and the conversation. Yes, they’re at a villa in Greece, but that’s not the point. The scene works so well because the feeling it evokes is intimately familiar. Ambiance, fresh air, delicious food, good company — a collection of moments you never want to end.

Material Makes the Patio Table

We can’t send you to Greece (sorry), but we know a thing or two about ambiance. Set the mood on your patio with our selection of gorgeous tables, chairs, lounge furniture, and… ouzo? No, we don’t have ouzo. Available in a wide spectrum of materials and sizes, explore below to find the right match to transform your outdoor area into an al fresco oasis.


No picnic tables here. Our outdoor wooden tables (or any outdoor table for that matter) are just as comfortable inside. Wood furniture can theoretically be treated as one might treat a neutral: it’s a foundation that lets other pieces shine, or creates a calming sense thanks to its connection to nature. 

Over time, outdoor wooden furniture will take on a soft gray color and small cracks may also appear. Don’t worry, because this natural patina is expected and highlights its long-lasting charm. Since wood is such an absorbent material, using coasters or placemats is extremely helpful to prevent future stains. Sturdy and classic, wood is a natural fit for the outdoors. But similar to its furry forest friends, wood furniture prefers to be tucked away during the cold and rainy seasons.

An outdoor brown wood patio table with mesh chairs.

Pop some bubbly and celebrate the sunny days with the Brolla Table.


Furniture famous, both indoors and out, teak is not only adored for its beauty but has a solid reputation for being the most durable wood. Its natural oils provide protection from the elements and pests alike.

While indoor-teak has a strong association with mid-century modern, outdoor teak has many more style allegiances due to the fact that it’s not usually treated with stain or polish. Like the solid teak and handsomely crafted Farum Dining Table. Large and open, it makes a powerful statement and exudes a warmth that makes you want to gather around it with seven of your closest friends for conversation and clinking of glasses. 

The Brolla, on the other hand, has its feet (legs?) more firmly planted in MCM territory with a solid-teak top that sits on slim, tapered legs. It’s available in two large sizes: seating 6-8 or 8+ people. 

Sturdy, reliable, and gorgeous. No, we’re not talking about your Tinder date. It’s the Atica Table, which has everything you need for date night.


Similar to teak, acacia is a long-lasting hardwood. Acacia is known for providing great value and its wavy grain offers a slightly more rugged aesthetic. The chunky, industrial design of the Atica Dining Table is a solid choice. The sturdiness of the piece makes it practical for the backyard, but it’s Atica’s clean lines that captures our attention. Choose the size that fits your space and social life best: available for 4-6, 6-8, or 8+ people.


Another durable and weather-resistant hardwood is eucalyptus, which is FSC certified and sustainably-grown. The Lagora Dining Table is a mid-century modern muse. Made entirely of solid eucalyptus, its tapered legs add a unique, rounded detail to each corner of the paneled top. Feel fancy (but relaxed) as you feast outside with your family. Available in a rich, Bistro Brown wash or an airy Washed Oak, Lagora comes in three sizes. For smaller spaces, opt for a square table that seats up to four while larger spaces can consider rectangular options that seat 4-6 or 6-8.

A gray aluminum patio table with blue chairs.

The Ofer Table is your easily adaptable party host, with its butterfly leaf extension making space for more pals.


We love the sleekness of a metal table and the contrast that it can beautifully contrast a more natural space. The powder-coated, gray aluminum Ofer Table has a design that’s simple but inviting. Extend the invitation with the smooth, self-storing butterfly leaf panels that add more space so any dinner can easily become a party.

Looking for something ultra-modern and sleek? The powder-coated Ballo has a weather-resistant, galvanized steel frame and zinc-covered top. The round option seats up to four and is ideal for an intimate, midnight soirée. Or, opt for the larger oval shape that comfortably seats a party of six. 

A wooden outdoor patio table.

Made with top-notch teak, the Travola Dining Table is a welcome host to any patio party.

Mixed Materials Tables

Add a rustic elegance to your terrace or patio with the Tavola Dining Table. Its paneled-teak top and aluminum frame are available in three different lengths and two striking stains: Driftwood Gray and Vintage Brown. The 4-6 seater even comes as a set with matching benches.

Available in three sizes, plus a bar table option, the Latta Dining Table has an easy air. It’s easy-to-move, easy-to-wipe, and easy to see yourself enjoying a margarita with friends. Its aluminum legs support a solid acacia top that even has a hole for an umbrella, like the Paras

Enjoy the elegant design of the Atra Dining Table. Durably constructed, its industrial polystone top is grounded by tapered legs made from solid acacia wood. Its smaller, round option would be a lovely spot to enjoy a solo morning coffee on your balcony while the larger versions make space to be surrounded by your favorite people.

Caring for Your Patio Table

Outdoor patio furniture is durable but needs help to withstand weather. Wipe any spills to protect from stains but avoid pressure washing any outdoor piece. When not in use, the Lemtov Dining Table Cover is easy to slip on and off and has vents for airflow to keep your table snug and safe.

Storing all your patio furniture indoors during the off-seasons will make it last. It’s the best way to ensure your own Before Midnight moments for many summers to come.

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