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Summer Of (Love)Seats: Small Outdoor Sofas For Your Patio

Ahh… summertime. (Almost) Everyone’s favorite season is in full swing. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and even your usually bad-tempered neighbor — you know, the one who rarely says hi — seems to crack a few half-smiles this time of year. Plus, the potted gardenias you’ve worked oh-so-hard to keep alive are finally thriving. With all this beauty outside, it’s no wonder you want to spend every possible moment out there. And even having a particularly smaller outdoor space won’t stop you either.

Question is, how do you furnish a small-ish outdoor area? With so many options, it’s easy to get tempted into buying every single item that pops up on your Instagram explore page. Consider a more compact sofa-style like the outdoor loveseat. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to fuel up on coffee in the morning or a place to snuggle up with that special someone under the stars (aka your cat), our outdoor loveseats will have you enjoying the great outdoors all summer long. 


We all know what the words “love” and “seat” mean. But what is a loveseat, exactly? It pretty much boils down to size. A classic sofa is any fully or partially upholstered seating furniture featuring armrests, designed to seat two or more people. Whereas the loveseat, a more compact variant of the sofa, is scaled to accommodate exactly two people. Although sitting is the inherent purpose of both, vertical lounging, snoozing, and canoodling are common alternate uses. But no Tom Cruise-style sofa stomping, okay?

Gray and wood outdoor loveseat on a blue rug.

Ooooh, plushy perfection. The Sora Loveseat knows just what notes to hit for a midsummer’s night dream.


Like that dedicated friend who always has your back when it comes to matters of the heart, the Sora Loveseat is the furniture-form of a wingman you never knew you needed. Made from a solid acacia wood base and featuring a rounded spindled design, this perfectly-sized outdoor loveseat evokes the charm and refinement of mid-century style. The rounded corners and four plush cushions combine to ensure you and your new date get closer and cozier. Ready to finally lean in for that kiss? Set your cocktail on a nearby placeholder like the Calova Side Table, take a deep breath, and do your best fake yawn and arm-stretch-around-the-shoulder maneuver — the one you learned from watching those cheesy rom-coms all winter. Be sure to send us a wedding invite if things work out!

Wicker outdoor side table.

We all need a companion from time to time, and the Calova Side Table is just what every outdoor sofa needs on standby.

If your idea of love looks more like industrial meets modern coastal (specificity is key here, folks), opt for the Onya Sofa. Here, the durable resin wicker construction provides the perfect amount of textural interest, while the slim, powder-coated steel legs create an airy open feel. The plush foam-filled seat and crew of loose cushions come through with the comfort, whether you’re curled up with that guilty pleasure romance novel, or fully stretched out while swiping the night away on dating apps. If your patio or terrace’s square footage permits, consider making a cohesive patio set of it by squeezing in one or two matching Onya Lounge Chairs. The more, the merrier. 

Check out those views. Oh, and the background looks nice too. You can’t really blame the Kopelin Sofa for stealing the show.


If you’re a minimalist at heart and too many colors make you dizzy, then you’ll absolutely love this compact monochrome outdoor sofa. Featuring a sturdy powder-coated aluminum frame — that has been skillfully wrapped with tonal rope — the aptly named Corda Sofa exudes understated sophistication with a healthy dose of edginess. Add depth and dimension by tossing a few outdoor-friendly pillows in various shades similar to the Slate Gray and Beach Sand colorways, or counterbalance the tone-on-tone look by bringing in a little boho with the Bori Lantern

With a high-contrast scheme and slatted wood design, the Kopelin Sofa is made for cool lounging. The plush, yet firm foam-padded cushions allow you to sink in when nap o’clock starts, but bounce back into shape once you wake up, wipe the drool from your face, and head back inside. Man, those al fresco zzz’s are no joke! Plus, the weather (and drool)-resistant upholstery guarantees your outdoor beauty sleep spot will hold up season after season.

Feeling strung out? The Corda Sofa lets those worries melt away with its sleek polypropylene rope detailing and shape.


These days, staying home and indulging in some well-deserved open-air peace and quiet has got to be a pretty big summertime flex. So work with what your outdoor space has to offer, and maximize its full potential with an outdoor loveseat. But remember to give it as much love as it will give you by protecting it from harsh rays and extreme weather conditions like heavy rain.

Alright, time to grab that pitcher of sangria, bring out the speaker, and play Beyoncé’s new single. Your grumpy neighbor might lighten up and join.

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