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Supportive, Stylish, Sometimes on Wheels: A Desk Chair Buyer’s Guide

Your home office is a semi-professional sanctum. It’s where you get the work-work done, tinker away on your gumshoe detective neo-noir novel, and fall into instructional crochet video rabbit holes on YouTube. While having the right desk is the biggest piece of the puzzle to put in place for your workspace, a proper desk chair is its linchpin.

For all of the hours you’ll be putting in on whatever you’re working on, you need to make sure you’re comfortable doing it. Ask yourself some important questions first: do you want a chair that’s more mobile — rolling, swivelling, the whole nine — something supportive, a seat you can sink right into, or a nice mix of all three?

Let’s take a look at some of our personal favorites that tick those boxes and dive into their styles, functions, and whether they’re what you (and your space) are searching for.

A rather coy looking Svelti Office Chair.


Let’s try an exercise. Close your eyes. Picture an office chair. Is it there? Great. Now sit in it. Does it swivel around? Is it on wheels? Perhaps made from a durable moulded plastic? That means the classic, tried and true style of office chair is the archetype in your mind. But just because it’s utilitarian doesn’t mean it can’t also be stylish. 

The Svelti Office Chair finds its boldness in its sleek and minimal industrial design. The fact that it comes in a whole painter’s palette of colors doesn’t hurt, either. So if you want to keep the look of your home office simple and the functionality high, this is the chair for you.

The Lumvig in green, amongst the greenery.

Need a little extra cushioning? Perhaps with a Scandi edge to complement the rest of your space? The Lumvig Office Chair’s foam seat is the perfect extra touch, and its winged arms will give your wings a nice respite, too. 

Oh Eliseno, you had us at “plush padded back, seat, and sturdy steel swivel base.”


Want more than a little extra cushioning? Something to lean back in as you strike a ponderous pose, deciding on the next steps for whatever project you’re working on? The Eliseno Office Chair’s plush padded back, seat, and sturdy steel swivel base will keep you comfortable in whatever direction you’re spinning in. It’s chic modern silhouette is a fit for minimalist, maximalist, and any space in between.

Office chair, dining chair — The Zola does it all. Photo: Tara Michelle Brose


Wait, does using a well-designed, comfortable dining chair as an “office chair” make said chair “versatile”, or is it just a nice chair that you’ve moved from one part of the house to another? Apologies for debunking the premise of our own section here, but sometimes categorization can limit the boundaries of furniture.

The angular beauty of the Zola should be free to roam from the dining table to the desk, its padded foam seat keeping you comfortable wherever you decide to land.

Want sleek design and ample comfort for your home office? The Feast Chair invites you to eat your heart out.

Same goes for the deep-seated styling of the Feast Dining Chair. It evokes the study-with-a-fireplace aesthetic, and its enveloping frame will hold you close through stints of writer’s block and Zoom meetings that, really, should’ve just been an email. 

Do you have a better idea of what seat your home office space needs now? Take a look at our full collection for extra inspo. 

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