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The Best Modern Outdoor Furniture for a Small Backyard

It’s not a big patch of grass, but it’s your patch of grass. When it comes to yards, don’t think of limited size as a constraint — consider it an opportunity. Your yard, for example, is the perfect arena for close-quarters, full-contact bocce. Lawn mowing becomes a quick, intimate experience. Put up enough bird feeders and you’ve got your own bespoke aviary. 

But even with all the moxie your small backyard may have, sometimes it can be tough to find the right furnishings for it. Pieces that look great, work great, and aren’t going to reach from one end of your yard to the other. 

Full disclosure: we’re here to help you with that.
Fuller disclosure: we also have three new modern outdoor furniture collections that can help define your outdoor space with distinct, effortless style — and we’d love to tell you about them.

Let’s get started.

For the Calliope Dining Table, holding things comes naturally.

Put Your Drink Here

If only finding our true purpose in life was as easy as a table’s. From conception to construction, their destiny is clear: they’re made for holding stuff. How succinct and attainable. When seeking the purpose of your backyard (and what kind of table you want in it), you need to decide from two crucial options:

(A) “I want to entertain back here.”
(B) “I’m looking to keep it chill.”

If you circled “A”, the Calliope Dining Table from our Arizona Desert collection is a great solution for wanting to host an outdoor dinner party if you’re a bit short on outdoor space. The Lake Tahoe collection’s concrete-topped Terek is another solid option. (Note: Always make sure to double-check your patio measurements before purchasing because, while this is a modern dining table and should work in most spaces, it’s always best to be on the safe side.)

Ta-da! The Ballo Dining Table, here to make you (and your patio) look good.

Looking for an exclamation point to plant on your patio? The industrial-chic Ballo Round Dining Table brings an air of sophistication that’s a perfect fit for any space. Truly a hallmark of our Urban Patio collection.

That pool in the background? A mirage. This yard is actually quite small. However, the Nebu Coffee Tables seen here are part of a very real, very comfortable oasis.

Alright, did you circle “B”? Let’s talk coffee, accent, and side tables. The holy trinity. From the lovely amorphic stylings of the Nebu Coffee Table (which comes in a pleasant array of colors) and the sleek Halden Side Table to the terrazzo Solina Stool and the all-natural teak Piper Stool,  these articles will flesh out your backyard with space and style to spare. 

A pair of casual thrones: the Tula Lounge Chairs.

Put You Here

Survey your kingdom. From the sliding door to the small planter with the tomato plant that’s doing better than you thought it would to the upside-down frisbee with the standing water in it. All that the light touches (within the fence) is yours. What’s the right throne to sit upon as you look out over your little dominion? It depends. The Tula Lounge Chair brings the comfy island vibes that are great additions around your dining table (or just out on their own). Looking to chill and chill exceptionally hard? Drag the Galpin Lounger out onto the lawn and sink in as you dive into a new book. It’ll keep you cozy for chapters on end. 

So much comfort contained in such a small area. Impressive, Corvos.

Speaking of exceptional sink-ability, the Corvos Modular Sofa is a great way to maximize the sit-ability of a small yard. Take home the Corvos as a full set, or choose individual modules and build out a custom seating arrangement that works best for you and our outdoor space. They’re like cushy legos that you can drink margaritas on. Create a bulwark of them around the perimeter of your yard — defense against the uncomfortable. Inspired by the pastoral comfort of a rocking chair on a porch? Bring it on down to the patio with the Lynea. Hayseed not included. 

The Tuva Planter — holding things by design.

Put These Wherever You Like

By definition, accessories shouldn’t take up a lot of space, which is perfect because that’s the express purpose of this article. Modern pillow sets to bring an extra dose of cush to any piece of outdoor furniture and umbrellas that keep your private patch of paradise shady to stylish terrazzo planters that can house some extra splashes of green in your space, these accessory pieces can help define the signature style of your yard without filling it up.  

Oh, did we mention we have a bar cart? The sleek, practical grace of the Boden makes it (and you) the center of the (small backyard) party. And when you’re done? Just roll it inside and you’ve got your yard back. Perfect.

The Boden can also hold large jugs of cucumber or orange water. Refreshing.

Now that you have a breakdown of some of Article’s best articles to make the most of your small (yet mighty!) yard, it’s time to game plan. Not to belabor the point, but double-check your measurements before forking over your hard-earned monies for items that may not fit.

Who knows, you might save so much space that your bocce games no longer have to be full-contact. Unless you’re into that sort of thing, of course.

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