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The Article Nera Bed with Lenia Underbed Storage is shown in a bright white room.

The Ultimate Guide to Modern Bedroom Storage

So you may have gone a little overboard during that puffy jacket sample sale. Maybe you just can’t bear to get rid of your collection of original ’90s concert tees. Whatever the reason, there’s a good chance that your bedroom could use a little — or a lot — more storage. 

While living areas are often the first we organize and tidy up to impress guests, the private nature of the bedroom means it can easily become a dumping ground for miscellaneous items and wardrobe overflow. Not only does this create a chaotic environment, but researchers have actually found that the more cluttered and messy someone’s bedroom is, the more likely they are to have a sleep disorder. Since there are only so many sheep you can count, we’re here to show you that there are modern bedroom storage solutions that can help bring calm to your chaos. Deep breaths. 

A Lenia Six-Drawer Dresser is shown with a piece of artwork and lamp
Homeowner Jenna Ogle shows that storage can be beautiful as she makes the Lenia Dresser a part of her modern bedroom decor.

Snappy Dressers 

Whether you live in an old Victorian-style mansion, a New York City penthouse, or an open-concept studio loft, it seems that closet space is always at a premium. Perfectly staged closets look so promising during an open house, but once you’re actually moved in and looking for a spot to stash your theatrical hat collection things start getting a bit dicey. 

Enter: The Dresser. A piece that has plenty of space for all of your bedroom and sartorial necessities, yet seems to blend in seamlessly to any space. A dresser isn’t looking for any glory, but rather is invested in providing a safe and beautiful spot for owners to tuck away their things. Honestly, for all that it does, we feel the dresser doesn’t get talked about enough. 

A tall Envelo Dresser in a white room with a woman walking by.
With five large drawers and handsome leather pulls, the Envelo Dresser gives you plenty of space — and style — in any sized room.

A piece like the Lenia 6-Drawer Dresser, for example, features plentiful storage space, mid-century modern design, and soft-close drawers. Feel free to open and close those babies any time of morning or night without worrying about neighbors leaving passive aggressive notes on your door. Noise complaints? Never heard of them.

Don’t have space for a horizontal piece? Dressers like the Envelo and Lenia come in vertical designs too, so you can get tons of storage with less of a footprint. 


Sometimes you’re all tucked into your gorgeous bed, the lights are off, and your wizard-like sleeping cap is on, when you’re suddenly hit with a genius idea for your upcoming work project. You don’t want to get out of bed, and guess what? You don’t have to. Thanks to the little notebook and pen you keep in your nightstand, you’re able to quickly jot down your idea and snuggle back into those sweet, sweet dreams. 

Article's Lenia Nighstand
With solid and veneered walnut, the Lenia Nighstand gives you a sleek spot to display your smartest-looking books — and hide away the paperbacks you actually like to read.

Nightstands are like the wallets or handbags of the bedroom. Hear us out. They give you space to keep all of your bedtime necessities conveniently closeby, while still giving you an organized appearance. Nobody would ever know that your bedroom contains a collection of Golden Girls-themed candles, because they’re stashed away for safekeeping in the drawer of your Geome Nightstand

Article's Nera Bed with built-in nightstands is shown in a bedroom.
With built-in nightstands, the Nera Bed offers a seamless, all-in-one storage solution.

Besides candle collections, nightstands are great for those other little essentials like your vitamins, sleep retainer, phone charging cords, headphones, and your latest read. Out of sight, but close-at-hand: the mighty nightstand’s motto. 

Sneaky Storage Solutions

Now that we’ve covered the beautiful basics of bedroom storage, it’s time to think outside of the box (or dresser). In addition to these core pieces, you might still be looking for a few more spots where you can maximize storage space. 

One spot you might not have looked yet? Under the bed. The bed is often a breeding ground for dust bunnies and lost hair ties — space that could be put to much greater use with the addition of the Lenia Underbed Storage Drawers. Queen and King-sized beds can fit up to four of these bad boys underneath, which means you instantly have four new places to hide your holiday gift stash or off-season wardrobe.  

Article's Lenia Under Bed Storage Box in walnut is shown filled with sweaters
Sweaters, cozy shirts, and your extensive sneaker collection all have a designated spot tucked away in the Lenia Underbed Storage Drawer.

When you get creative and look beyond conventional storage pieces, suddenly a whole world of solutions opens up. For example, a piece like the Culla Bench is stunning in a dining room, but imagine it at the end of your bed? Now you’ve got a spot to sit and put your stilettos on, plus two generous drawers for extra storage. Alternatively, your drooly bulldog has a new spot to sleep — plus two drawers for all of his toys and other canine accoutrements. 

The Envelo Sideboard is shown in a modern bedroom with colorful artwork and an oblong mirror.
When it comes to modern bedroom storage, there are no rules. Whether in the dining or bedroom, the Envelo Sideboard brings fashion and function to your space.

Nobody ever said that a sideboard needs to stay in the dining room, either. A piece like the Envelo Sideboard offers a variety of drawers and shelves that could be the perfect fit for your bedroom storage needs. Or maybe you love watching spooky movies in bed and need a spot for your big screen TV. Bring a media unit like the Oscuro out of the living room and into the bedroom to keep things chic — while adding additional storage. 

When it comes to modern bedroom storage, there are no definitive rules. Dressers, nightstands, under-bed drawers, or even living and dining room furniture are all fair game when it comes to stashing your stuff. And that includes that Golden Girls candle collection. 

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