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Why Choose Mid-Century Modern Decor?

You’ve probably caught on to our obsession with mid-century modern design. But what’s the style really all about? We consider ourselves experts on the subject, so here’s our crash course on everything mid-century.

What is Mid-Century Modern Décor?

Mid-century modern decor comes from (surprise) the mid-20th century: think post-war through to the Mad Men era. Designers started taking cues from styles like Bauhaus and the International Style movement, which explored the idea of function over form — a popular no-nonsense sentiment after the world had gone through a rough patch.

This brave new minimalist world was onto something. The furniture from this period is some of the most iconic in the world: uncluttered, uncomplicated designs that are as functional as they are timeless.

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A design revolution in the mid-50s brought Scandinavian style to the forefront of this movement, thanks in part to a traveling show called Scandinavian Design.

Mid-century design values simplicity in both function and looks and values the striking contrast between natural shapes, abstract designs, and organic materials (think wood, hemp and wool) in a human-made environment.

Why Design With Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

We’ve designed our original modern articles with mid-century ideals in mind: living simply with versatile, well-made furniture, using calming, natural materials and colors. A quality mid-century piece will stand the test of time as your home evolves and trends come and go; it’s a guaranteed way to elevate your home.

Check out how other people have done it here.

How to Get Started With Your Mid-Century Decor Makeover

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A functional anchor piece is all you need to begin introducing mid-century modern furniture to your living space.

Classic mid-century pieces often feature cream or neutral upholstery and light wood, teak, or walnut accents. You don’t have to stick to an exact replica of a ‘50s sofa to get that MCM vibe. If you’re feeling bold, a mid-century silhouette in a colorful fabric can add a serious modern-meets-classic pop to a space. Patterned throw pillows or modern art can quickly update any look, too. 

Start collecting looks that speak to your personal style. Create a moodboard on Pinterest, save favorites on Instagram, or browse through an Article Lookbook to spark your imagination.

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Choose your mid-century modern piece to tie your home together.

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