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You Better Work (On That Home Office)

Working from home. It’s been a while now, hasn’t it? Originally thought of as the “new normal”, it’s probably safe to just go ahead and call it “the norm” for many of us. Although some have returned to the office under a hybrid model, the need for a dedicated home office setup continues to rise. After what seems like a million Zoom meetings, you’ve become so fluent in corporate speak that you’re considering adding it to your LinkedIn profile under soft skills. Simply put, you’ve evolved during these shifting times; your makeshift workstation should follow suit.

Whatever your style inclination may be — mid-century modern, industrial, boho — investing in a home workspace that looks and feels good will improve your mood and focus. So leave the research and strategic thinking to us, and explore a selection of home office furniture must-haves and bundles to help you create a space you’ll love (yes, love) to work in.

Green fabric desk chair in front of a brown wood desk.

Working girls (and guys) unite. The All in the Details Bundle includes a Deca Desk and Drammen Office Chair.


With so much to consider (size, style, storage), the quest for the perfect home office set-up can feel like an added responsibility to your job description. But if teamwork makes the dream work, these desk and chair pairings are what productivity dreams are made of.

For a WFH space that feels both modern and coastal — enough to distract you from that anything-but-coastal brick wall view — opt for The All In The Details Bundle. With organic textures and clever storage, this set balances craftsmanship and functionality. Boasting an unexpected mélange of solid wood and natural box cane rattan, the Deca Desk adds dimension, while the soft-close drawers and a concealed cable compartment team up to take care of “clutter” business. Pair it with the Drammen Office Chair, which delivers on style thanks to its chic quilted upholstery.

Have you always leaned towards a less-is-more approach? We’ve got something we think will really work for you. With clean lines and streamlined profiles, the Self-Starter Bundle adds mid-century modern sophistication to any home office. You’re probably wondering how to stay organized with such understated designs. We’ll let you in on a secret — it’s all in the artful storage. Crafted from solid and veneered oak or walnut, the Culla Desk is equipped with two sliding drawers and a middle opening wide enough for your laptop, notebook, or that book your new work crush recommended. Available in both fabric and leather upholstery, the perfectly paired Glove Office Chair features a 5-wheel rolling base for easy mobility.

A white office chair and a brown wood desk.

Take a stand. The timeless Valis Desk works as your #1 study spot, or simply a place for your precious plants.


With its smooth rounded edges and tapered legs, the Valis Desk embraces a minimalist Scandi-cool aesthetic for an airy look. Compact enough to fit in smaller square footage — like the nook by your bed or that unused area under the stairs — it features two handy sliding drawers that’ll hide all traces of work when the clock strikes five. Expand your space’s organizational potential with wall shelving to display everything from your fashion magazines to the lopsided vase you made in ceramics class. 

If you require a larger surface to accomplish your day-to-day tasks, the Madera Desk is your match. Featuring exposed metal bolts and a discreet power cord compartment to keep loose wires in check, this industrial-meets-rustic desk made from oak or walnut provides ample space for your desktop, manuals, and table lamp. Consider adding below-desk storage like the matching Madera File Cabinet to keep important letters and smaller devices within reach. The locking wheels keep the unit from rolling, while the soft-close top drawers prevent noisy slamming. Shhh… your feverish kiddo who had to stay home from daycare is napping. 

A blue office chair with an oak wood desk.

The Gerven Office Chair lets you be the hot-shot, deal-making boss from home.


Offered in an array of uplifting colors, the Svelti Office Chair brings new life into the work week. Yes, even Mondays. Set on a wheeled swivel base and molded for a comfortable yet durable sitting experience, this playful design will have you rolling and spinning around to your fave “You Better Werk” Spotify playlist. (You’ll “circle back” to that email later.)

Say goodbye to back aches and hello to great posture. When it comes to 9 to 5 seating, finding a firm yet comfortable chair that doesn’t look like a gaming chair shouldn’t feel like an impossible task. Thankfully, the Gerven Chair has your back, literally. Upholstered in a rich textured fabric, the foam-padded hydraulic seat and subtly curved back give you the support you need to power through those messy spreadsheets, while the sculpted metal armrests allow you to take momentary breaks from typing. 

A white patterned rug in a modern living room with a white sofa and brass side table.

The Taza Rug adds some pattern and comfort to your home office (and also a lie-down spot after a particularly long Zoom meeting).


Although pants may have become optional, a no-shoes-indoors policy is likely still enforced in your home office, and for good reason. Adding a fuzzy area rug like the Taza will keep your toes warm and cozy while your fingers passive-aggressively type that “As per my last email…” message you probably shouldn’t send. Backspace, backspace, backspace… 

Remember when the extent of your desk personalization was bringing fuzzy pencils, quirky mugs, and plants you always forgot to water from home? Consider this a major promotion. Because although someone else may be signing your paychecks, when it comes to designing your perfect work-from-home space, you’re in charge.

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