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From Trendy to Timeless: Modern Rugs for Your Living Room

Taking cues in comfort, there’s a gravitation to make warmer and more cozy areas. Rugs are a great place to start. Read below to explore some trends and tips to help you choose a living room rug you’ll love.

Completing Your Space with a Modern Rug

Your living room rug sets an aesthetic foundation for your space. Choosing the right sized rug is a clever way to make a small space feel larger. It anchors your furniture and creates cohesion. From calming neutrals to bright colors to unique textures, area rugs help ground the space to give it more purpose. While trends offer helpful inspiration, you’ll also want to account for how you use the space and how you want it to make you feel.

White chairs and a green bench sitting on top of a gray rug.

Woven from bamboo silk and wool, the Poda Rug is a simple beauty, perfect for high-traffic areas at home.

Earthy Elements

The “plant-based” design trend has been gaining momentum. More than just bringing plants into your space, it’s about incorporating natural or naturally-inspired elements like colors and texture. 

The Poda Rug in Steel Pine offers a pine-y ombre that mimics the greenery of a garden. Handwoven bamboo silk provides a softness for your feet while its low pile knotting makes it perfect for the higher traffic of your living room.

Made of 100% natural jute, the round Oma Rug is a bohemian classic. It’s chic, woven pattern  is great under any piece but we especially love the contrasting texture of the Sven Sofa. Accentuate the Grass Green velvet upholstery with philodendrons, cacti, and a fiddle leaf fig in terracotta planters for a forest-like feel.

A blue rug on a hardwood floor.

Catch feelings for the Crush Rug, especially with its swoon-worthy Hale Navy color.

Rural & Rustic

This style celebrates an elevated ruggedness. With a focus on darker, moodier palettes paired with dark-stained wood and matte metallic finishes, it’s not quite industrial, nor is it farmhouse. It’s… dare we say… just plain handsome. Go monochromatic by matching your walls with the Crush Rug in Hale Navy. Need something to withstand your pets and kids, but want to stay on-style? The Parallel rug is lower-pile but similarly colored. In such cases, the Parallel Rug in Wave Blue/White would be a wonderful low-pile alternative as it creates a similar feel. 

Another option is the Cossa Cowhide Rug to lay in front of the fireplace. 100% natural, its distinctive shape and pattern evokes the rugged eclecticism of this style. If the space is large, you could layer or overlap it with the 5 x 8” Texa Rug to cover more ground. The contrasting color and material of the Cossa will help it stand out against the neutral tones of the wool. Style with the Cigar Rawhide Sofa and you’ll be sipping a scotch with your slippers on in no time. 

The Ash Gray striped Suto Rug adds texture and a subtle pattern to any space. We picture it paired with dark wood mid-century modern accents, like on the Otio Leather Lounge Chair or the Ceni Sofa.

A white rug surrounded by leather and fabric furniture.

The Hira Rug is super soft to the touch thanks to its plush wool blend, so don’t be surprised if you end up taking a snooze on the floor.

Timeless Neutrals

Neutrals: they were good in the 90s, the 1890s, and the 2020s. Neutrals are here to stay. While some might want to switch to darker colors or bolder patterns, a neutral palette will always feel pleasing. Create calmness by starting with a foundational area rug. The Hira is like wrapping yourself in your favorite chunky cardigan with its handwoven, loosely looped wool piles. So cozy. 

We love the versatility of a neutral rug. It’s a blank canvas that allows you to easily change the vibe of your space. Get colorful with your art or furniture (hello Abisko Sofa in Aurora Blue). Or, make it feel soothing by going all-in with neutral furnishings and accents such as the Burrard Sectional and the Amoeba Coffee Table. Try the timeless Texa. Super soft in a tightly woven wool that’s available in Vanilla Ivory or Fog Gray. A fan favorite for good reason — its simple texture always looks good.

A leather rug sitting next to a wooden coffee table and white modular sofa.

The timeless Cossa Cowhide Rug brings rustic vibes to any living space. Yee haw. 

Carpe(t) Diem

Like the name of the room itself, ask yourself how you want to live in your living space. Above all else, listen to your instincts. Make it functional. Make it stylish. Make it warm. Make it cozy. But most of all, make it yours.

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