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Modernizing Your Storage Space

There are a few constants in life. Namely, Brad Pitt will never age, he will somehow always have abs, and the rigid hairline anchoring those lustrous golden locks will never recede. In fact, as time passes, it even seems to be encroaching on the rest of his chiseled, Michelangelo-ian face.

Beyond that, another axiom holds true: we’re always running out of storage space in our homes.

The Madera Sideboard storing your stuff, inside and out. Photo credit: Article

This can be attributed to a number of factors. Perhaps you live in an apartment that’s light on square footage, or you’ve just downsized into a cute new house. Or, maybe you’ve discovered that prime eBay account selling a veritable trove of rare Beanie Babies that have been on your most-wanted list for years and you’ve been stocking up. A home packed tight with plush treasures — tags on, heart full.

Whatever the case, it sounds like you need more space. From exploring new modern shelving and sideboards to taking advantage of pre-existing locales, here are a few options that’ll help you do just that.

Creating New Space

It can come as a hard realization: maybe you just need an upgrade. We never want to update our iOS, so we put it off and put it off until our computers become slow, riddled with malware, and barely able to hold any battery life. Then you have to buy a new one. Is that planned obsolescence? Probably. Is it continuing our inescapable participation in a suffocating capitalist system? Totally. Sorry, what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, buying a new thing to hold all of your old things. You know what’s great at that?


Going up? [Audience laughs] But really, shelves help us utilize space in multiple directions. From books to knick-knacks to your prized Princess the Bear, shelves help you fill the empty vertical space of your home in a neat and organized fashion.

The Rictu can hold (and hide) your stuff. Now that’s multitasking. Photo credit: Article

From a sleek, modern bookcase like our Archive models, or a more contemporary take like the Rictu collection, you don’t have to sacrifice style when it comes to choosing a shelf.


Think your entryway isn’t pulling its weight in the storage department? What about that one wall in the living room where you hung that string with all of the polaroids from your 25th birthday party attached? (What is Stacey up to now? It’s been so long.) 

A look. A practical place to store your things. The Geome ticks the boxes. Photo credit: Article

Those are prime locations for a sideboard. A stylish, practical piece that functions as well as it fashions. Want a more reserved look? Consider the classy Walnut Seno. Feeling flashy? Our Geome Sideboard brings a refined flair to any space. Definitely something you could text Stacey about. 

Don’t call it a sideboard. The Oscuro Cabinet is a cabinet. It’s right there in the name.
Photo credit: Article


See above.* Cabinets and sideboards — the distinction is in the height — play an equally crucial role in utilizing wall space that would otherwise go unused or unloved.

*But also see the contemporary stylings of the Oscuro Cabinet or the office-practical Madera File Cabinet.

Even from this distance, the Bios Media Unit looks great. Photo credit: Article

Media Units

Okay, so maybe no one really buys DVDs anymore. But if you do, the media unit is for you (their cabinets can also hold things besides DVDs as well… like Blu-Rays). Optimize your viewing/storage experience.

Our Envelo will get you there with its modern-contemporary grace or, if you’re in need of a bigger number, the Bios Media Unit is so long it can fit two 39” TVs, four 19.5” TVs, or even eight 9.75” TVs. Optimization complete.

Pictured: “organic” shelving. Photo credit: Alison Mazurek

Maximizing Old Space

If you’re on a budget, here are some low cost, occasionally even no-cost storage options.

Upcycle Your Existing Spaces

Pretty sure we’re using “upcycling” wrong. What we’re trying to say is, see those kitchen cabinets? You can put things on top of those! Imagine a hanging plant, playfully dangling its vines into your line of sight. What’s going on on top of your fridge… not much? Put some stuff up there. Gotta windowsill with an extra length of sill? You know what to do.

Hooked, Nailed, and Anchored

Look at all of that empty wall space. Up high. Down low-ish. In the middle distance. That’s your new storage playground. Hang out. Hang some stuff. Plants, art, jackets, whatever makes sense (and isn’t too heavy).

See, it’s easy (and easy on the wallet) to Benjamin Button some old, existing space in your home into new, fresh storage havens. Or buy a shelf. Whatever you’re into.

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