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The Bold Beauty of Large Area Rugs

People spend a lot of time debating the merits of hardwood floors versus carpets. But large area rugs can provide the best of both worlds, allowing you a soft underfoot feeling along with convenient portability, so you can take them with you when you move or simply relocate to another room. Low-maintenance area rugs are easier to clean than their permanent carpet counterparts. Explore our large assortment of 8 x 10 (length x width) area rugs and find something suitable for your space(s).

Blue rug in a modern dining room with pink chairs and a wood table.

The Zakra Rug sits pretty in high-traffic areas, adding that needed pop of color and style.

High Traffic Area Rugs

We’re talking about the most frequently used areas in your home. Think hallway, entranceway, and anywhere children and pets hang out, like your rec room/lived-in living room. The tight loop of the hand-woven wool Texa makes it ideal to withstand day-to-day activities and children who like to run wild around the space. The Speckled Green color is particularly great to protect against stains from the occasional juice spill or cat hairball (gross).

Soft and cozy, you’ll want to give the Texa Rug a hug (though that may be a bit difficult).

Rugs make large dining areas cozier. To avoid food getting stuck in the fibers, choose a low pile rug. Pile refers to the density of fibers and a low pile is flatter than a medium or high pile rug. Add a pop of color and pattern with the Zakra. Made of 100% hand-knotted wool, the Zakra brings a warm, earthy vibe that elevates any dining experience and is large enough to fit a table with 6-8 chairs.

The geometric-inspired pattern of the Elko adds texture to your dining room with a calming, neutral palette. The Elko’s material makes it easy to clean, which is crucial for a room where the occasional crumb gets left behind. 

Gray patterned rug in a modern living room next to a white coffee table and gray sofa.

The stately Polygon Rug loves a pattern moment. 

Medium Traffic Area Rugs

While you use your bedroom every day, it’s not necessarily the high-traffic hot spot of your home. Something cozy like the loosely looped Hira makes stepping out of bed in the morning feel like you’re putting on a pair of chunky, handmade wool socks. Choose from three neutral colorways to create the foundation for your sleep sanctuary. 

Add a visual punchiness to your office or study with a patterned rug like the recurring diamonds of the Polygon or the handsome simplicity of the Parallel. Both are made from a soft bamboo silk/cotton blend with a coziness that might encourage a mid-day George Costanza-style nap under your desk. 

A beige rug in a modern living room next to a wooden coffee table and gray sofa.

Made from comfy wool, the Loopi Rug provides your feet with a warm hug on chilly nights.

Low Traffic Area Rugs

Add an extra special foot feel to rooms that don’t get used as often with a high pile area rug, which has longer fibers and a softer, shaggier feel. The plush, 100% viscose Crush Rug feels like you’re walking on a cloud, one that shimmers and adds a touch of glamor to your already fabulous sitting room or more formal living room. 

Treat your guests to thick piles of 100% wool by placing the mid-century modern, hand-tufted Loopi Rug under the Lenia Walnut Queen Bed. With its unique palette of space-dyed yarn, the Loopi adds so much texture and warmth to your guest suite, friends and family will feel welcome and snug.

A multicolored rug on an outdoor patio, next to wood furniture.

A real social butterfly, the Elko Rug moves easily from outdoor to indoor, providing eclectic patterns and style.

Take Care

Shedding is a natural occurrence, especially for a new rug, so don’t worry when your vacuum fills up fast. If you see a loose thread, whatever you do, don’t pull it — always use a pair of scissors for a quick and easy snip. Rotating your rug every season is a great way to evenly distribute wear. If creasing from furniture arises, it will naturally disappear with time or can be removed with a steamer. Pads are an area rug’s BFF, as they help keep it in place, especially with kids and pets running rampant. 

While you can’t prevent a spill from happening, it’s crucial to clean it up right away. Spot clean with a dry cloth (like a paper towel), soaking up excess liquid. Resist the urge to rub or scrub as you’ll only increase the size of the stain. Likewise stay away from soap, bleach, or cleaning products. The most effective way to remove a persistent stain is to consult with a professional. Life is messy but with proper care you can help keep your area rugs looking fresh. Large area rugs not only tie together the aesthetic of a room, but they also add coziness, and help protect hardwood floors from everyday wear and tear.

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