Sanna Magnet Green Right Corner Sectional


I really like this couch. It’s pretty firm but very comfortable. It’s a great size to stretch out on and watch TV. Because it’s modular I could get it into my b...  More
Geoffrey L.
Verified Owner
4 months ago - Windsor, ON
More beautiful than expected  
Joann F.
Verified Owner
7 months ago - Okemos, MI
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We absolutely love our Sanna left sectional in magnet green. The color is warm and fits well in our home. The couch itself is the perfect level of firmness, whe...  More
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Aspen E.
Verified Owner
2 months ago - South Jordan, UT
We actually do like the couch itself quite a bit. It is very firm as other people have noted, but we have a child who likes to jump around on the couch so for u...  More
Rebekah F.
Verified Owner
5 months ago - Kelowna, BC

Response From Article

Hi Rebekah, we are sorry to hear that your delivery did not go as anticipated. We completely understand your frustration. We hope to be given the chance to prov...  More
I love this couch! While it is on the firmer side, I personally think that's a good thing as it seems like it will hold it's shape and generally looks and feels...  More
Crystal G.
Verified Owner
6 months ago - Chicago, IL
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