Browse Contemporary, Mid Century & Modern Coffee & Side Tables from Article

No matter how many cool knick-knacks you may keep in your living room, coffee and side tables are the true focal point, bound to draw the eyes of you and your guests alike. Article's modern coffee and side tables are a staple in both form and function, completing the room with beautiful, intuitively designed, and solidly crafted (no big deal) simplicity. In fact, these tables are so culturally significant that there’s an entire genre of book that was made just to be placed on them and flipped through, like, twice. But again, no big deal.

At Article, our collection of mid-century modern coffee and side tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, heights, and lengths. When selecting which type is best for you, it’s good to consider how you’ve set out your seating. Rectangular or oval options work well in more compact settings. As an added bonus, you’ll find that many of them also boast dual-purpose features like hidden drawers or a shelf beneath the topper, so they’ll help keep you organized too. Square and round tables are great for uniting more spacious seating arrangements. Round tables are also a wise idea in homes where little ones might be running and playing, and the odds of an occasional collision are slightly higher (but hey, it happens to us all). And for those looking for something a bit more abstract, we have asymmetrical options to add a unique flair.